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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Released of control

Well, I have been the official "former" Relief Society President for almost two weeks now. It is a strange experience. I haven't quite known what to do with myself since Bria started Kindergarten the day after I was released. That left two huge holes in my normal daily routine.

So...I've gotten a lot of things done that I didn't have time for before. It's kind of nice, but a little empty. I don't really feel useful. I feel out of the loop. And my closest friend in the ward is also pretty close with the new RS President....and she tells me things. And it really has been like handing my baby over to someone else to take care of...even if it is a competent person it is always a little difficult. Because I see and hear things and I think "NO" "You can't do it that way!" But I know I have to let her learn for herself. I have to let go!! Besides, she is not me...she brings other skills and talents to the table. She will never do things exactly how I might have done them, but that doesn't mean she is wrong.

I did get a new calling last night..Visiting Teaching Coordinator. So at least I still have some control over that. It's hard for me to not be in charge after so long getting to call the shots. But I don't really want to be in that position right now. I've really enjoyed the time to really focus on my family and other things I'd like to do. So I have to let the control go. It's okay. Every Relief Society in the world has survived the change of guard and this one will too. The new Pres is awesome...I had lunch with her and my other friend today. She'll be fine. I'll be fine. We'll all be fine.


  1. You will be fine Lara! What a great calling you now have! It is pretty close to mine! :) Let it go and enjoy your free time now!!

  2. {deep breahting} we're all fine, FINE I say... FINE!!!!

  3. Honey I daresnt say that it is hard for EVERYONE!!! You were a wonderful President who cared deeply about the women you served. You were the Bishop's right hand lady and he felt the RS was well taken care of. On to new things! Isn't it the neatest thing to know that the Lord trusts us and he wants us to be well-rounded? And of course to be tried in all things? You're a great girl and I love you, Mom

  4. whew!
    i can't even IMAGINE...