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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Adventures in single motherhood

I am a single mom this week. And I was two weeks ago. I really hope that Joel doesn't ever get a job where he HAS to travel a lot, because I will go CRAZY!!!!

Now that I have that out of my system...I have to say, that I stick a feather in the hat of every single woman who has to raise her children alone. I don't know why, but I don't seem to have the constitution for it. Joel has class every Tuesday night, and he has since the beginning of his degree down here. I loathe means I have to feed, bathe and put the kids to bed all by myself. I admit that I often just skip bath time on Tuesdays.

Why is bedtime so hard with just me? I'll never know. I think if bedtime didn't exist I would do okay if I was single...but it does, and I only have to do it alone for two more nights.


  1. Lara,
    Loved the blog! It is where I am now and where I have been during the whole time Jon worked nights... :)
    But we are happy! The kids have very hard nights (especially Brayden)- but he will come to understand it is for the best. I love you Lara and I hope that when Joel comes home you can get a little break. You are a great Mother!!!!

  2. TWO MORE NIGHTS... TWO MORE NIGHTS... we're gonna go to the spaghetti factory tonight, wanna come? And then I have a pampered chef party, I'm sURE Drew would watch your s. :)