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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lara needs... I rarely ever participate in these blogging games...but this one was too good to pass up. (Not sure why I thought so, but hey!) I was reading Nisa's Blog and saw this and got a much needed laugh.

The idea is to Google your name and the word needs and see what comes up. So, I googled "Lara needs" and these are the top ten things I need. Pretty humorous (especially since many of them seem to be things to do with the game Lara Croft and the tombraider).

Lara needs to make the running water around a small barn stop. (THIS is my number one need?)

Lara needs to use stealth just as much as she does combat maneuvers and jumps. (I should try it, who knows? It may help with the kids' discipline to be less combative.)

Lara needs to briefly let go. (Of what?)

Lara needs to quit cricket. (Maybe I need to just never start.)

Lara needs A Haircut. (This is true.)

Lara needs to get to Shanghai. (If you say so....)

Lara needs to let her hair down and dance to Donna Summer’s disco hits. (You know, I probably do need to do this.)

LARA needs an interactive way to teach kids about different foods,animals, and common household items. (huh?)

Lara NEEDS a change. (I love how needs was capitalized in this one....I must really need it.)

Lara needs to be stronger. (Yes. Yes I do. What a way to end it.)

And there you have it folks....a comprehensive list of my needs....all found just by googling. Who knew?


  1. That's too funny. Might have to try that myself.

  2. That is very funny. Just googled my own and had to chuckle at some of the lines. Fun entry!


  3. Oh my gosh. This is hilarious. I'm glad you posted it because I always enjoy a good laugh. Fun stuff that google.

  4. Huh... well, at least you know now... :)