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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More proof positive...

Here is a conversation I had with Joel the other night. Just more proof that my brain cells are completely gone...

Me: still have a whole week to apply for Cabrillo (a conducting workshop).

Joel: I do not.

Me: Yes, you do. I'm sitting here looking at the website right have about a week.

Joel: I do? Are you sure? When is it due?

Me: The 10th.

Joel: Really? Read to me what it says.

Me: (Why won't he believe me?) It says, "applications are due Monday, April 10th."

Joel: That's passed.

Me: No it hasn't! It's only the 4th today!

Joel: April?? Lara, that was two months ago...this is JUNE.

Me: (checks website, checks calendar, feels sheepish) Oh. Well, why didn't you apply for it?

Joel: Maybe because you'll be having a baby during the week of the workshop...or did you not notice that either?


  1. Do you think that only happens when you are pregnant? Guess again, When you have sooo much in your brain, you can't think straight which is usually at all times!! Funny blog, Love Mom