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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just trying not to get hit

Sometimes I feel like my life is a game of dodgeball, and I am the one standing in the middle of the circle. The problem is, there are so many balls constantly coming at me that it is often difficult to stay in the game. I'm lucky if I can catch a couple of the balls, and even luckier if I make it through a day without getting hit.

So many things to be thinking about and doing. Eat right. Exercise. Read scriptures. Feed 3 kids. Clothe 3 kids. Keep 3 kids clean, happy, and obedient. Referee arguments. Make dinner. Make lunch. Make breakfast. Wake up in the morning (a super difficult task when a newborn is thrown into the mix). Take kids to doctor and dentist. Scrapbook. Paint furniture. Clean toilets. Make beds. Drink enough water. Pick up toys. Supervise chores. Take shower. Brush teeth. Make sure children brush teeth. Mop floor. Unpack last boxes. Plan voice lessons. Take vitamins. Teach voice lessons. Help Bria with homework. Read to kids. Play with baby. Vacuum. Fold laundry. Grocery shopping. Feed Baby Sophia at 2 a.m. Take DVD's back so we don't get a fine. Spend time with hubby. Plan Family Home Evening. Be ready for all those unexpected balls that are thrown at me (like getting a phone call from Bria's teacher while at the Doctor's office with the baby who has thrush. Her shoe had broken and I needed to bring her a different pair). Take Chloe to preschool. Pick her up. Clip coupons. Practice violin with girls. Balance checkbook. Pay bills. Have a social life. Are you tired yet? I am, and I still haven't even been given a church calling!

Oh. And Blog...

On my blog that is titled "overstuffed."

There's a reason for that.


  1. My key, seems to be my SUPER fabulous routine. Of course, if you throw a ball at the routine, it all comes a'tumblin' down. :)

  2. I've always wondered about the overstuffed thing. Love it. You should see the window I'm typing this message in. It's one inch wide. Blogger AND Typepad are having issues today. BTW, Lara, please keep us posted on your friend's child with the Ecoli. VERY scary. Will add them to our prayers. Hugs, Sophia

  3. Lara, your blog made me smile this morning. Danielle was only 3 months old when I started raising my family on my own. There is hope. There is light at the end. I've made it this far....so can you.
    Sincerely with much love, gina
    P.S. I love your blog

  4. I know how you feel. We just had our third baby a week ago and I feel like I am losing my mind. Hang in there.