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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

They should all be models...

I haven't gotten my camera out much lately...really sad. For Sophia especially. Her first two months are woefully undocumented. But the other day, I decided to do a full blown photo shoot of all three girls (together and separate). These are my best shots of the day:

This is my favorite of Sophia...isn't she gorgeous??? (Just ignore the big black spot on her scanner is filthy.)

Also love this one. She really liked the camera. Everytime I brought it up to my face she'd start smiling and cooing at it. (Now the black spot is on her shirt. I really should clean the thing.)

Here's Beautiful Bria. She kind of looks like a vampire since she's missing her two front teeth, but she's still adorable.

And Chloe....the scan doesn't really do this picture justice. Got some great catchlights here that you can't see.

And this one...again the scan isn't doing it justice. Aren't they the cutest girls you ever did see?

I am so blessed to have them.


  1. adorable photos! you have beautiful kids :)

  2. totally adorable pictures. so sweet. tfs danielle

  3. Adorable pictures.
    AND, that is quite a fancy rock yard you have.
    very jealous

  4. What beautiful kids you have!