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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The cleaning fairy

As a little girl, whenever I had a friend sleepover, I used to do something very odd. At least, I think it's'll have to tell me if you ever did this yourself. At some point during the middle of the night we would sneak downstairs to the kitchen. That, in itself, is not the least bit odd, as I'm sure many little girls and their friends snuck a midnight snack during a slumber party. But we weren't sneaking down for food...we were sneaking down to do crazy things like clean out the cupboards and the refrigerator, mop the floors, do the dishes, and scrub the sink.

We would always leave a little note for my mom from "the cleaning fairies" and we thought she would never know it was us. I'm rather sure my mom looked forward to my slumber parties since she knew she'd be getting a sparkly clean kitchen out of the deal. I have no idea why we thought that was so fun. Perhaps it was because we didn't have to clean kitchens on a regular basis (believe me, I don't get such a kick out of it nowadays), or maybe we were just high on the joy of service. Whatever it was, we did it every single time I had a slumber party. I have to believe that I was somehow the instigator of this midnight cleaning ritual because I did it when Emily slept over, whenever Laura Lee spent the night, and Janel, and Kristin, and probably Bonnie too.

This week has been a bit crazy due to Bria's illness. I haven't gotten much cleaning done, and it doesn't help that she got sick while we were out of town, so I had all the unpacking and such that arriving home from a weekend trip entails. I also have a hard time functioning properly in chaos....when I'm pregnant I don't function anyway, so chaos is to be expected. But normally, if the house is in disarray, I don't do well.

So, I resurrected the cleaning fairy. The girls' room looked a bit like a tornado went through there and every time I asked them to clean it up they didn't get very far. I know they get overwhelmed when we don't keep up (I mean, who doesn't? I certainly do.) so I thought I'd do them a big favor and clean it up while they were asleep. So, around midnight, I crept in and sorted toys, put away books, threw away a ream of artwork done by Chloe (must blog about this child and her art obsession), folded clothes, straightened the dresser and made sure the room was ready to be vacuumed the next morning.

The girls woke up earlier than I did and within a half hour they totally ruined the cleaning fairy's work. So much for that. I guess I can only hope that someday when they have a friend spend the night the cleaning fairy will take root in their hearts and they will surprise me with a magically cleaned kitchen in the morning. The only problem is that I have a "no sleepover" policy...makes me wonder if I should rethink that.


  1. 1. They are probably, currently, a tad young for sleepovers.
    2. You should've left a big sign "love, the cleaning fairy" -- maybe they would've marveled over it longer?

  2. first of all, thanks for visiting my page. secondly, in what concerns cleaning, i currently employ a cleaning wicked witch :)), but hopefully i'll get rid of her soon... in the meantime i keep dreaming of a cleaning fairy...

  3. What a great story! I would LOVE it if the cleaning fairy would tackle my girls' room. I can barely walk in there!

  4. wow, your mom must have loved your sleepovers ;) the idea of a cleaning faerie sounds awesome to me..lately I could use the

  5. What a treat it was to find those things done and by such wonderful girls. Back then sleepovers were still safe!!! I love you, Mom