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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Artist in training

So, as I mentioned in my last entry (which seems like a year ago...sorry for the blog neglect!), Chloe loves to draw. It isn't just a small daily activity that she grows quickly tired of doing, either. The child draws all day long. All. Day. Long.

There is paper with her artwork strewn all over the living room, her "art" table, her bedroom and the car at all times. I am fairly sure she is doing her part in contributing to the extinction of the tropical rain forests. She mostly likes to use computer paper, even though I try to steer her to the 8 packages of leftover notebook paper I have from college (Joel wouldn't use Chloe won't). Not only does she insist on blank paper with no "stripes," she usually has to fold it up in quarters and staple (she says stapple) it together. Along with the paper mess everywhere there are markers, pens and crayons all over the place, too.

The picture you see up there is one she drew today of a butterfly and a cat(erpillar). Yep, she thought of that all on her own. And I promise that she's only three and a half. I also promise that she did all this work on her help from me at all. You can see that she also wrote her name. The thing with her name, is that she refuses to write the letters in the correct order. In fact, she likes variety, so some days she is CHLEO, other times she is OLCHE, and she has even been HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit). Sometimes she actually does put them in the right order, and other times she chooses to leave out some in above, she didn't want to draw the L. I guess it has to remain artistic...can't be the same old boring name all the time.

I've realized that she has immense talent...realized that a long time ago when she was barely 18 months old and drawing tiny little circles everywhere (including her legs and arms) all the time. (You can see an example/scrapbook layout of this by clicking here) So I've started to help her along with this gift she has, to train her, you could say. I noticed that she would occasionally ask me to draw things for her, like a cat or a house. Then, she would go on a cat kick, or a house kick...and her pictures would be a pretty good version of mine, eventually. So I started to just draw more difficult pictures for her and watch what happens. I only started this in the last few days, but she is already drawing some of those things, and quite well.

Bria still draws a few things better than Chloe, but Chloe is actually a much better artist. Especially if you compare Bria's 3 year old work to Chloe's. That's okay though, Bria has her own gifts and music. They had a violin concert the other night and Bria did an amazing job playing (it was a group concert...kind of like an orchestra). Chloe, on the other hand, stood there picking her nose, scratching her behind and watching everyone else play. She didn't even bring her violin out of rest position. Bria may be the musician, but Chloe's the Artista around the Neves home.


  1. You should see if your library has any of the Usborne learn to draw books. They're about using basic shapes to draw people, animals, etc.
    That's a rockin' good drawing. She'a a diva, fo sho.

  2. My daughter Sarah is the same with. She draws ALL THE TIME!

  3. I really does look like little Chloe has artistic talent! As parents, we really need to nurture our kids' gifts--and it looks like you are definitely doing that! The drawing is great!

  4. looks like you definitely have an artist in your house, its great of you to support it and try to further her talent :)

  5. Since I studied childhood art stages, I must tell you that Chloe is definitely ahead of the game and on her way to something awesome! I am impressed!

    And my artist (Mikelle) is just as picky about paper! It's an art freak thing! ...Jill