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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Set your Tivos now folks!

My mom is gonna be famous!

If you have BYU television and you want to start an exercise regimen, you are in luck! My mother, aerobicizer and yogi extraordinaire, is the star of BYU TV's new show, "Total Body Workout." It will debut January 22, 2007.

When you workout with her, you will not believe that she is the 50 something mother of four and grandmother of seven. She will literally kick your butt. I wish I had this channel. For fellow Utahans it is supposed to be aired on KBYU, but so far has not shown up in their line up. We will see.

My buff, former BYU football player brother, Nate, will also be featured in several of the workout episodes. Look for the cute (but huge) redhead who has to make a run for his money to keep up with his mom.


  1. I am ready and waiting for some booty kickin'

  2. Very cool!

  3. How cool is that, Lara! I'm so excited to see it. And I'm definitely excited to have my own booty kicked! After all the cream cheese that I've eaten this month, I need it twice!! I'll be watching! Happy holidays!


  4. Your mom rules! I would have liked to see her show!

  5. Hi Lara,

    Great news! I don't have time to check right now, but if I'm not mistaken, KBYU streams everything over the internet. If you have a DSL connection or faster, you may not have to miss it!

    Cary Campbell

  6. yeah, I saw that advertized on BYUTV's internet site a couple of sundays ago when I was tring to tune in to some Music and the Spoken word. how fun.