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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The love life of a 3 year old

One of the most exciting things (if not THE most exciting thing) about moving to Cedar City was the fact that Joel's brother and his family live here. This means cousins for the girls to play with: Hana and Emma are 8 and 7, perfect for Bria to play with. Timmy is just a couple months older than Chloe and Ada is 2.

Chloe and Timmy love each other so much that they often get married and go on honeymoons together. They also love each other so much that they have lots of little spats when they are together (which may have more to do with their age than their love). I have heard Chloe yell "I am not going to marry you now!" at Timmy when she is mad at him, and she frequently stomps her foot and puts her hands on her hips in exasperation with whatever it is that he should or shouldn't be doing to/for her.

But, they seriously had me in stitches the other day. I was doing the dishes while they played in the living room. I heard them get in tiff over some toy or the other and Timmy told Chloe she was mean. She got up, sassily put her hands on her hips, yelled, "I am NOT a mean girl! I am a NICE girl!", stomped her foot and ran into her room where she slammed the door for good measure.

Timmy just sat there playing for a second. Then he very sweetly yelled, "Chloe? I love you. I didn't mean to say you were a bad girl. I was just trying to help you. I really love you."

And then she came out of her room, he gave her a hug and all was right with the world again.


  1. Wow, are you sure you weren't at MY house -- I think I've heard the same thing happen between me and Drew. :)

  2. Aren't they delightful? I love when my kids get to play with their cousins and all of the conversations associated with that play! When I take McKaylins and Lindee to dancing, I am cracking up the whole way in and back - nothing like two little three year old ballerinas to make you laugh!

    Thanks for your comments about the van. I know that if we do what we're supposed to do and keep paying our tithing, life will be okay. We wouldn't have been able to get a loan otherwise!

  3. The life of a married 3-yr-old woman. A glimpse into the future. yikes!

  4. That is SO cute!!! They seem to be doing pretty well at the married thing! lol

  5. Just too cute for words!!! You should scrap this! :)