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Friday, March 23, 2007

DI chic....by request

I know, this particular style of decorating is more commonly referred to as "Flea Market Chic." But, I only have a Deseret Industries (DI), the thrift store of Utah.

Here are a few pictures of what I have done with my house since I moved in. I kind of stopped working on it once winter hit as I went into hibernation and lost all motivation to do much of anything. I'm starting to get an itch now that spring has sprung and have a couple projects started, if only in my mind.

Where to begin? Let's start by walking in the front door...this red desk, which I refinished a few years ago, is what you would see first. Please ignore my ever so ugly couch. I've been saving up for a slipcover, but the camera was just more important to me. Mainly so I could take pictures of my ugly couch.Here is another view of the bamboo vase so you can actually see what's in it. In the background you will see the sliding glass door. The curtains are a dark red, and the thingy on top, which is actually a tablecloth of some sort I received as a gift from one of my sisters-in-law, is green. You can also see Bria's tennis shoes there on the ottoman, but you know, that's how it usually is. This is a house where kids live.

If you were to sit on that couch and look to your right you would see my entertainment center. It is actually a bookshelf that was (and kind of still is) in sorry shape when I bought it from DI for 15 dollars. I cleaned it up a bit and tried to disguise the water damage, but it's still there. Not overly noticeable, though. You will notice how perfectly our TV fits. You will also notice that my kids are watching "Chicken Little" tonight and have built a fort on the ottoman in front of the couch...I guess the shoes are holding it all together. Above my entertainment center is this awesome star. I have to thank my sister-in-law in Orem for being so kind to pick it up for me when I admired hers. I saw them in Pottery Barn for a lot of money and this one only set me back about 15 dollars. To the right (or is it left?) of the metal star is my little photo collage and our family name. I used the Making Memories giant chipboard letters (99 cents apiece) and covered them with scrapbook paper, ribbon and paint. Love how it turned out. I actually used glue dots to stick them to the wall...pretty cool stuff, those glue dots. The framed photos have all appeared on my blog: here, here and in the current banner. If you are still sitting on my couch and look the other direction you will find my kitchen/dining area. In it are my table and chairs, which I refinished this past fall. The table is already "ruined" since Bria painted her nails on it with purple nail polish, three days after I finished it. Someday I'll redo, but not anytime soon. I just got the rooster during our "girly party" last week. He was on a good sale at Roberts Crafts, and I couldn't resist. I made the valance with the leftover material from recovering the chairs.And finally, the piece de resistance, my hutch. The one that was a total bear to refinish, but looks great anyay (thank goodness!). It holds my rooster collection, some pictures and a few other things on display. In the bottom, hidden part, is our vast selection of board games. And it is stuffed to the hilt. Sorry the picture isn't so hot. It's dark outside and I didn't really feel like setting up the tripod, so there's a bit of camera shake, even with the flash.And finally, a little of the detailing...These wood inlaid flowers showed up nicely when it was white, but not once it was black. So I took a cue from Chinese furniture and painted them. I wanted them to kind of look chippy and old. I am pleased with how it turned out. This picture makes the colors look brighter than they actually are...they are much more subtle in real life.

And there you have it...my cheap decorating. I love it because it's cozy and homey and still looks great (at least I think so).


  1. It's very homey and warm and inviting if I do say so myself! You have the touch dear!

  2. so cozy and chic! Looks great!!!

  3. Your BLOG is FANTASTIC!!! Your Scrapping is FANTASTIC as well.. I'm sorry you didn't get a call.. those pages that you showed ROCKED!!! I LOVE ME some fleamarkets and second hand finds.. you did wonderufl pulling it all together..!! I would be cozy in your home for sure!!!

  4. Umm.... wanna come decorate our house! Waht a great job, it looks SA-weet. I thought your ebay rooster was going in the middle of your table?
    What are you, chicken... ha, ha...

  5. It does look great! Loved "Mainly so I could take pictures of my ugly couch."!!!!! :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing those photos of your home - I needed a little inspiration this weekend!

  7. It looks great...much more homey than my stark and barren home. All I'd have to post is a white couch, a crummy tv stand and some framed pics of my kids (I altered the frames).

    And just a tip...don't get white furniture if you have kids. lol

  8. You're amazing, Lara! I don't have the patience for refinishing. It all looks fabulous.