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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I became a mother just to hear things like this come out of the mouths of my children.

A recap of Bria's time in time out yesterday for your reading pleasure:

You are a liar! You're just a bully! A big bully head, that's what you are! You are the meanest girl in the whole world! I'm going to put you in jail! And then you can never go to Young Women again! You are the S wordest mommy in the world!!! I'm going to put you in jail and then I'm going to turn myself into a DRAGON! How would you like that, huh? You big bully!

For the record, she was put in time out because I had the nerve to bring her home from the park and tell her it was time to practice her violin. She didn't want to and proceeded to throw a fit. Into time out she went.

And yes, you bet I was in the other room laughing my head off. I think this was definitely one of the top moments of my S word mommyhood.


  1. I guess when they're that small & powerless they have to throw around everything they've got!

    Nice that you kept your sense of humor about you! :-)

  2. I am so laughing about the "S" word! A few years ago, I was on recess duty along with one of our fifth grade male teachers - the first and fifth graders were outside.

    One of the little first grade girls came up in hysterics because some fifth grade girl had called her the "S" word! Oh the horror!

    The best part was trying to explain to the big tough 5th grade teacher that the "S" word was sooo NOT what he was thinking! We always have a good laugh about that silly little "S" word and how after about 2nd grade, the "S" word REALLY is THE "S" WORD!

    I'm glad Bria couldn't really turn into a dragon while she had you in jail!

  3. I'd say no leaving time out til' she turned herself into a dragon.
    I'd like to see that.
    Could you put it on the video camera when she does?

  4. Don't you just love it when they hate you so much but it is so funny what they say.

  5. "S-wordest mommy" I am cracking up! " S-wordest" may even be better than "barnacles." And I'm a big bully, too. I think it's part of the calling.

  6. S Wordest!!! HAHHAHAAH THanks for the laughs!! I need them!

  7. how would you like that, huh?


  8. Ethan tells me he's going to put me in jail too. I suppose that's the meanest thing they can think of.

  9. Wow, if my kids get sent to their room they just slam the door and mutter to themselves so I don't hear what they are saying.

  10. LOL I think "S Wordest" mean Superior. Oh she's so funny! I'm glad you had a great laugh out of it.

  11. Oh, being called a big bully by my little daughter would do me in! I'd have to go and hide so she wouldn't hear or see me laughing!