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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The many faces of one photoshoot

My mom has been here the last week and we've been having a "girly party," as Bria and Chloe call it. Joel was at a music festival in California (Disneyland, specifically), and we thought we should be allowed to have just as much fun as he did. So, we had a blast shopping till we dropped (let me tell you, my girls LOVE to shop!) and eating and seeing movies and swimming and just spending time together.

Mamah left a couple hours ago, but not before I took a ton of pictures of her and the girls. It is always hard to regulate everyone's moods during a photo session...the more people and the younger they are, the more difficult.

So, we started out like this:
(Showing a bit of Bria's dramatic side that you've read about so often...)

We progressed to this: We tried laughing:

Then we tried saying "Stinky Socks!" (There's a whole story behind that...but anyway...):
This, more sober, picture was my favorite of all. I changed the color saturation to fit the mood more properly...Bria's dress was just too bright otherwise:


  1. I love, love, love that laughing one! So great to get pictures with Grandma! SOunds like you had a great week! I love it when my Mom gets to come visit too!

  2. Okay, do I just love those pictures!!! Lara that camera is amazing!! And those girls are so blesseeeeeddddd!! I love you all, thanks for the good time, yes we did have a girly party, that's for sure! We'll do again sometime!

  3. awe... adorable pics! Love them!

  4. Those photos are adorable!

  5. Great pictures! How fun to have a girly weekend!

  6. The pictures are so fun! Do my eyes deceive me or do you have a blue-eyed child?!?! Amazing!
    Miss you lots-