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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No call for here are some of my favorites

No call. That's okay, though. Now I'm going to enter the next CK contest. Scrapper of the Year. Probably a crazy thing to do, but I do like how the contests make me scrap something! I wouldn't have done these 10 layouts if I hadn't decided on doing Hall of Fame. I just haven't been in a scrapping mode lately, but it makes me happy to have that creative outlet. So, I'll just give myself a reason.

Here are a few of my favorites from my entry this on anything to see them bigger.

My VERY favorite layout of all time right now:

Another favorite, scanned crookedly, but you get the idea (perhaps I love these two because they have the word "love" in the title??):

I'll have to stitch some more of the two pagers (help Hilary???), and post them later. I'll leave you with this one...I love the photo and the journaling, although the design could have probably been better executed:


  1. In my humble opinion, you are a Hall of Famer!! Great layouts dearest one!

  2. great work,in this world of competition u may not get sometimes the appreciation of ur work in the shape of some certificate but it's worth trying!i enjoyed ur work because i'm also a mother of three, they are now somehow grownup, youngest one is fifteen,i can understand ur trauma and ecstasy of being a mother,i assure u, u'll miss these days when they grow up, i,m going through that empty nest feeling, that's why i 've taken to blogging

  3. love your lo's and good luck in the SOY contest!!!


  4. My fave of the 3 is "Because." That one really stands out with a great color scheme, cute photo, good journaling, and creative us of the photo corners to make arrow tips. Seems like you could submit these elsewhere and have a shot at getting them published, even tho they were not chosen for HOF or HM. Keep scrapping hard!

  5. Great stuff! I haven't seen any of your scrapbook lo's until today and I really like them! Loving the last one especially! Don't we all have days like that?!

    Sorry about your Wednesday! Enjoy today - YOUR Thursday!!!

  6. Lara, I have thought about doing SOY too... maybe we should do it together! At least it'd make us pick our buns up and do some layouts. :)
    I love these layouts, you did have a stellar entry. And, more importantly you get the HALL OF FAME FOR FRIENDS. Do you want me to call you and congratulate you?

  7. You're still my scrapping hero, Lara! These layouts are all great!

  8. gorgeous - you're a winner in my book!!!!!

  9. Well Lara, at least you and I have a shot of making HOF together or HM together. Since so far, we make "not getting it" together! HA HA I love the HOF layouts. I think the first one is my favorite. The subject matter of "because" is also unique and many people don't capture not so rosy part of parenting in their layouts. I have tons of Mikelle-being -a-butt pics that I have visions for in future LOs.

    I wonder if because of the look on Chloe's face, it makes the mustard bottle look like it's flipping off the viewer? I wonder why I didn't notice that before! Very cool effect for the subject matter, if that is what it looks like! Know what I mean? ...Jill