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Friday, March 02, 2007

The thing is, she's probably right

Last night after the big concert (I forgot the first two lines to the second verse and made up French like crazy. I don't think anybody noticed...unless there were any French speakers in the house.) we went out to eat with Joel's family to celebrate. Well, mostly because his side of the family just really likes to eat good food, and any reason to go out will do.

After we ate, Joel's parents said they had a surprise for all the girls. We decided to all meet at our house so they could give it to them. (Turned out to be beautiful porcelain dolls which my girls are in love with. Can't speak for their cousins, but they seemed pretty excited.)

A little bit after that decision was made, and before we actually left the restaurant, I heard this:

Hana & Emma: Our mom said we could come to your house for just a second!

Bria: Yay! A second is like thirty minutes!!!

I probably don't have to explain to you the reason why she thinks this. Suffice it to say, I need to stop saying "just a second" so much.


  1. It sure means alot to me that you love Diane and Steve! Thank you for always being so wonderful to them dd.

  2. I AM IM'ing JUST A SECOND. :)

  3. I love little kids and their concept of time. It's like in first grade when I tell them they have one minute left and then 5 minutes later I say, "Okay, about 30 seconds. . ." and about 3 minutes after that, "Time's up!"

  4. I am so sure that you were great at that concert! best wishes, Lara.