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Monday, April 02, 2007

Feeling good

Just got back from spending less than what I saved at the grocery store. (If you must know, I spent $40.00 and saved $79.00. Pretty darn cool!) Always feels good. I only hope Joel agrees with the cereal I bought, since I can never seem to get it right.

I won the scrapbook page contest at our local craft store. That of course feels very good, even if there weren't that many other entrants. I received a basket of supplies, some of which I may never use, but many of which I'm happy to have. I was especially excited about the Making Memories paint and flower stamps that were included. I have been holding off on my canvas project in the girls' room because I haven't been able to justify the purchase of new paint and flower stamps. The colors I got are the exact colors of the new comforters. What can I say? Somebody must really love me.

Here's the page I entered, it came from last year's Hall of Fame entry:
General Conference was this past weekend. Two days worth of feeling good that I always look forward to. I had to miss the first session because I was teaching in St. George, although I did catch the last talk. It was awesome to see the tabernacle rededicated. I loved that session, and all of the reminiscings of that beautiful building. I haven't yet decided which talk was my favorite, and I need to read the ones I missed...so perhaps I'll blog all about it at a later date.

And finally, because I think they're cute, and cute kids make everyone feel good, here are a few of the latest shots of my girls:

My personal favorite, a very sad Sophie:

Freckle faced Bria:

Chloe her cuteness:
And all 3 of my princesses:


  1. GREAT pictures! Love the sad one! TOO CUTE!!!! Your page is fantastic - no wonder it won, few other entries or not!

  2. ADORABLE!!!!!
    You are the star of Cedar City.... :)

  3. Lara how absolutelyyyyyyyy darling!! Sophia is precious, I can't stand it! The girls are beautiful! What a winner you are and I am! Love you so much my dd.

  4. Congrats on winning the contest!! That's awesome :)
    Your girls are adorable!! Great pics!

  5. wow so cool you won! And beautiful pictures of your girls!