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Friday, April 20, 2007

Nothing much to say, but I did scrapbook

I think when I'm scrapbooking a lot I don't really have the blogging bug.

My sister-in-law came over today to scrap and here are the fruits of my labors:

Jumprope, a new personal favorite.
Surprise Shower. A response to the ad inspiration challenge over at 2Peas.

Love you a lot. Actually created from a blog post I wrote several months ago. Slightly crooked scan.


  1. oh HON!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE these layouts... maybe I should actually do some of the challenges at twopeas.. I usually read them and go.. "ahhhh It won't look that good".. LOL LOL.. or maybe I'm being lazy!!!

  2. you are a rockstar and a genius.
    Love yourself.

  3. That last one is my favorite - such a cute photo and such a great memory! Congrats on getting to scrapbook!

  4. Love ALL the Los, but especially the jumproping one. TOO CUTE!!!


  5. I's so VERY in love with the jump rope one....ITS delightful!

  6. I love your Jump Rope LO, it is gorgeous, and I too have a daughter that does the same things I did. :)

  7. Beautiful layouts! The Jump one is my favorite too!