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Monday, May 21, 2007

Another new do

We were just getting ready to walk over to our neighbor's house to play games tonight when Chloe came running out of her room and said, "Bria has bangs now!!"

That didn't really register with me as anything to be overly alarmed about until Bria followed her out with handfuls of hair in her hands. I looked at her face, and sure enough, she had bangs.

I admit, I screamed. Out of shock, mostly. Definitely not at Bria, although I scared her enough for her to burst into tears, which is really what I felt like doing. I gave her a hug, asessed the damage, got the scissors to straighten it up a little and tried to not over-react (although I think that moment had already come and gone).

Although she did an amazingly good job for a 6-year old (not too short, and surprisingly straight), she is not pleased with how she looks...she doesn't feel like she looks cute. But, she does understand that she has nobody to blame but herself.

And,as I said before, it's a good thing that hair grows.


  1. Umm... pictures?
    C cut S's hair once, not sure if he ever did anything on his own. What'd B say as to why she did it?

  2. A couple of months ago, Sariah cut her bangs to the scalp, came downstairs, and exclaimed, "Look Mom, I have no bangs like Elizabeth." I about had a heart attack and screamed just like you did. I let her know that Elizabeth didn't have bangs because we grew them out. Unfortunately, the type of damage done didn't allow any fix until a month or two later. Needless to say, she lost a lot of hair when I finally did fix it. The portrait on my page,, shows the fix. I think it's cute on her though.

  3. Oh my goodness, I think I would have screamed, too! I cut my kids' hair, so they like to be "like mommy" and pretend to cut dolls' hair. I'm dreading the moment they work on each others!

  4. Ok... was it BAD that I laughed???? Sorry.. you know I NEVER had this problem with my daughter... but my son... not once.. NOT even TWICE but THREE Times.. and he's 11 and I would still wait for a 4th!! The last time I let him go to school looking silly.. maybe I shouldn't have.. but I did.. bad mommy huh??? I'm not a hair dresser.. I made my son look like a refridgerator the last time I tried to cut his hair...
    I promise you.. it grows back!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

  5. Of my 3 girls, only the middle one did this to herself when she was 4 and once to her little sister, who was 2 at the time! Grrrr! She's 12 now and we laugh about it now and then.