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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So, I know I've written about Chloe and her art a few times before. Not much more to say, really. So, I'll let Chloe and her pictures do most of the talking today.

This is Chloe about 15 minutes ago. She is always sitting at this table. She is always drawing something. The area around the table always looks like that. And, also, she is always stealing paper from the computer printer.

This is an ice skater, drawn last week.

This is a girl dancing to music on the radio. Chloe is very into ice cream cone clothing on her artwork lately. I'm thinking that radio is pretty cool, too.
This is a birthday party with 3 cakes, 2 pinatas and lots of presents. She just drew it for me 5 minutes ago. May even be what she was working on when I took the picture.

She just barely turned 4 years old. I know I'm biased, but I think she's incredible.

Don't you?


  1. Yes, you are biased.
    But, she is also a genious. The skater's foot is turned just the right way, and the people have fingers. She'll be an amazing kindergartner (is that next year?)

  2. SHE IS BRILLIANT! I sure love her!

  3. I love how they all have a different hair style. She is a hoot!!

  4. I have first graders that don't draw that well! She is amazing! I'm certain that she'll be a wonderful student! Wanna move up north so I can teach her?

  5. Umm Yeah.. she does an outstanding Job.. and she is just absolute gorgeous herself!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. She is AMAZING! Really that level of detail at 4 is awesome!

  7. Yes, I think she's incredible, too. :)