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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just a couple of crankpots

Sophie has been incredibly cranky the last couple days, and frankly, so have I. And I'm just stupid enough to not realize that she is teething (top 2 teeth both starting to poke through) and that I most definitely have PMS until a couple hours ago.

Motrin is helping Sophia. I thought holing myself up and scrapbooking might help me, but I hate everything I created and I'm in just as sour of a mood as I was when I started.

I know that my PMS is virtually non existent when I am not eating sugar and following that yeast diet I once used to follow a couple months ago. So, this is nobody's fault but my own.

I'll start the diet again tomorrow and cross my fingers that I don't feel this way next month.

Please make me do it.


  1. Ok.. I can giggle at this cause I think we're sitting in the same Canoe.. HUH???? LOL LOL.... Thanks for your encouragment!! I so appreciate it!!!

  2. If anything can get rid of PMS symptoms, I'm all for it! Take care of yourself my friend!