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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some layouts for you to love

Here's more of my recent pages:

different For the Pub ad inspiration 2 weeks ago.

Tooth Fairy For the Pub ad inspiration last week.

Make way for the Princess Just for fun. And yes, I am very into journaling strips right now. Possibly need an intervention.

I am aware that I need to do more pages of Sophia. I actually did one of her birth the other day, but I haven't scanned it. Probably won't, as it is a picture of me holding her for the first time, and well, who looks gorgeous after just having a baby? But, I plan on doing more of her very soon.


  1. Wow, girl! Those pages are AWESOME!

    And, I love, love, love that new photo of baby Sophia headed off for her bath - just too cute!

  2. LOVE those layouts!

  3. Poor, poor sophia.....
    these are very cute. She most definitely deserves her own. :)

  4. super cute!
    and i'm addicted to the
    journaling strips too!

  5. Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THESE!!!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. These layouts are great...I like your style of scrapping! Have a great weekend.