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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hey, at least you know I'm clean!

Yes. That is a picture of some very mangled scriptures. Unfortunately, they're not mine. They're Joel's. If you must know, I washed them in the washing machine. Yep. You read that right. The washing machine.

And I suppose you want to know how that happened. Well, I was pregnant (important to mention as that excuses us women from all kinds of crazy things) and sick as a dog. I was trying to sleep one day and the absolutely disgusting odor from my bedspread and sheets was keeping me from doing so. Sick as I was, washing my bedding became the most important thing in the entire world. So, I got up, and in between running to the bathroom, I managed to gather it all up and toss it in the washer. I did not notice that the scriptures were there. Until I was trying to switch it to the dryer and had trouble getting it out because of the strange mass of leather and paper blocking the way. The worst part of the entire story is that after all that, my quilt still stunk to my highly sensitive pregnant nose.

Joel laughed. I told him he was gonna kill me and he just laughed. The boy has had very bad luck with his scriptures: He's had them stolen, left them at hotels, and now washed. They were beyond hope. He got a new pair for whatever the next holiday was...I think Easter. Pretty expensive Easter present, but hey? Whatcha gonna do?

I tell you this story as a preface to what happened today. Joel was at his brother's helping to paint his basement. They used a sprayer. If you've ever used one, then you know what he looked like when he came home. As soon as he was in the shower I grabbed his nearly unidentifiable clothing and threw it in the washer. I checked his pockets and retrieved his wallet and car keys. I swear I didn't feel anything else there.

But if I'd been thinking, I would have thought about the fact that his cell phone is always in his pocket along with his wallet and keys. But I wasn't thinking. And yes, I washed his phone. He asked where I put it just after the first spin cycle, and then I thought real fast. I ran to the washer and rummaged through it as quickly as possible, as if it would help. I'm afraid that his phone is just as irreparable as his scriptures were. And I'm not even pregnant this time.

One more strike and I don't think Joel will let me do laundry anymore...

Wonder what I can wash next?

*wink, wink*


  1. that's so funny. my sister recently did the same thing to HER cell phone. her partner promptly banned her from doing laundry... at least for a while!

    (thanks a bunch for the comment on my art. sometimes just a few words can do so much!)

  2. oh wah!! hope they werent too well marked .... I would hate to start with brand new scriptures!

  3. Hey It may still work. Just the other week my mom dropped her phone in a bucket of water as she was mopping. She didn't realize it was in there until a few minutes and guess what? She let it dry overnight and it worked the next morning... so there is still some hope.
    Good luck

  4. Now I see why Drew always messes-up grocery shopping. :)

  5. Funny. Glad you're still alive.

  6. Ummmm. . .perhaps if you wash his recommend. . .

  7. wow, washing the holy word!!! I once washed the title to our car! oh, and later, some spark plugs, buat after that, my husband pretty much learned to clean out his pockets!

  8. Oh YEAH I'd definitely be washing the most expensive thing I could find... :-0

  9. I HAVE washed phones and wallets, but not scriptures. I have stomped bread when I was pregnant, and dropped a phone in the toilet, but the scripture story...... that TRUMPS them all!! **chuckling**

  10. Hubby dropped his phone in the toilet too...we dried it off as best we could, left it for a day and it worked again, no problem!

    I am constantly finding things in my washer / drier that DEFINITELY should not have been there....

  11. Let's see.....I've washed our kitchen phone and an iPod, but never scriptures, lol.

  12. Hi, I love this - I can relate, lately it has been rocks in washer and dryer. My granddaugher has taken to collecting rocks! The clunk, clunk, clunk from the dryer alerts me to have a look. The holy word - thats a good one. HUGS! Jimie

  13. My list of things that have been washed... hmmm..

    Pokemon cards
    chap sticks
    oh the infamous crayons (and dried)
    wedding rings

    The list goes on.....

    My husband left his bible on top of the car one sunday on the way to church... it got pretty beat up.. but still usable!! Ü

  14. I don't think I've actually heard of anyone washing scriptures before. I did, however, wash my cell phone, but it was totally fine afterwards. What are the odds?