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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some budget decorating at my house

Nothing super profound to say today, except I'm tired. But that's pretty normal, unfortunately. So, I thought I'd share with you my latest decorating projects:
First, this is the only "fine art" in my living room...and it's actually scrapbook paper! The colors in this line by My Mind's Eye matched my throw pillows exactly, so I decided to frame some of it. I was really cheap about the frames, too. I bought one every week for a month with my 40% off coupon at Robert's (Provo Craft). So, they were each around 6 bucks. I think one week I even had a 50% off coupon, so maybe it was only 5 bucks that week. The papers were like 75 cents each, and then I put that picture in for now. Eventually, I'd like to get a decent family picture and do a square crop of it and frame it there instead. But this one works for now.
Then, a few weeks ago I went to Deseret Book and they told me I had like 10 dollars worth of point credit there (I don't know how I earned that many!) and did I want to use them? So, there were these cute little embroidered hanging signs for 3 dollars each, so I bought 3 of them. They say "Love," "Family," and "Prayer." I had initially planned on hanging them on the wall somewhere, but I couldn't really find a spot where they looked right. So, just for kicks, I hung on one the bracket of the shelf over the fireplace (I'd say mantle, but it really isn't one...) and thought it looked pretty cool, so I added the other two. I assure you that the plastic cup is not part of any crazy decorating's just sitting there.

So, my cheap decorating idea for the month: Frame pretty scrapbook paper and find out if you have free product coming to you anywhere. Then be creative!


  1. Great idea to frame your favorite scrapbook paper! Love the idea!

  2. I did something similar in my house except I did 3 12x12 frames and Chris drilled holes in them for me..I threaded some cream ribbon through them and hung each one side by it's where I display each of my scrapbooking hanging them on the fridge...i even did a vinyl lettering saying above the frames..the whole project was pretty cheap..Sarah T.'s husband Mike made the frames, I painted them, Chris hung them up, and I got the vinyl saying for like 10 bucks....just don't count the cost of each layout everytime I change them out! ;)

  3. Another place to make inexpensive decor is at Super Saturday, but that's not until the fall.

    Oh - - and have you been to the Roberts outlet store?? It's in Lindon, right after Orem....... VERY cheap things there!!!

  4. Thanks for dropping by! I am linking you today! ;)


  5. I thought the plastic cup was the best part...
    Love the SB paper idea... very cute.

  6. love that framed pics in your house.. so beautiful!

  7. Great decorating-I love budget ideas. Random comment, i know, but i was just surfing you're labels and realized i haven't seen you're cute house yet. I really like the letter idea with the picture collage below...and the red sofa table. Much different than the house on 9th east in Provo.