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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vacation photo subject

The two older girls were always busy running around and having way too much fun to stop for me to take a couple pictures of them (don't worry, I still took plenty of them, too). But because Sophie was just always there with me as she's not quite fast enough yet to escape I took lots and lots and lots of pictures of her. And because I don't post about her often enough, this post is dedicated to her cuteness.
This is in my parents' kitchen. She is climbing up on everything now (and actually, as of the last couple days she can get to standing position without the help of a chair or anything). I love the way this picture highlights her blue eyes. And yes, amazingly enough, I actually have a child with blue eyes!!

These two are at our Memorial Day BBQ at Marc and Cheryl's. Sophia just happily crawled around on the grass, made silly faces for me and my camera and ate lots of cantaloupe.
This was taken at Bonnie and Eric's house. We gave all the kids ice cream cones and Sophie really, really wanted one. So she got one sans ice cream. I have decided that her red cheeks are definitely due to a food allergy. Since both the other girls are allergic to dairy I've cut that. I tried soy for a while with Sophie, but the cheeks were just as bad and since Bria is allergic to soy I am assuming Sophia is too. Now we are giving her rice milk and breast milk only and her cheeks are NOT red. So great. The little cut on her cheek in this picture is due to her increased mobility and the fact that she is into everything. If you must know, she pulled something off a table at my parents' house and it hit her in the face and scraped her up a bit.

But red cheeks, scraped face and all, you must admit she is definitely a cutie patootie!


  1. Here's the problem... those red cheeks are ADORABLE.
    And, good thing she likes cantaloupe -- she'll always be skinny. :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture with the cup! That face is adorable!!!!

  3. so cute! and yes, i first of all noticed the gorgeous blue eyes (i am crazy about blue eyes!).

  4. What an absolute cutie! Really great photos, I like the one with the cup too...adorable!!

  5. How adorable!!!
    Those picture are just too cute!

  6. These pictures are SO SWEET!! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I like your inspired scrapbooking blog! Great stuff!

  7. Those pics are simply adorable !!!! I luv that last one that really shows her personality !!! Way tooo CUTE.

    Norma (localocairis)

  8. How adorable!! Look at those scrunchy cheeks!! :)

  9. The first and third are my favorite!! SO dang CUTE!!