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Monday, July 02, 2007

On vacation again. And again. And again.

Up north again for the week. Mainly so I could go see my doctor again (had a blood draw today and I'll have a consultation on Friday, which means I can go to IKEA with you, Ashley), but it was my brother's birthday and July 4th, so heck. It's another vacation.

Later this month we will be dropping the girls off (all three of them!) with my parents and heading to San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary. Sophia is almost weaned in preparation for this momentous event. Not too difficult since she never really cared about nursing in the first place. Not like my other two, and especially not like Chloe who acted as if I was trying to kill her when I weaned her at 21 months.

On the day before we come home from this getaway, I will be purchasing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and ignoring Joel for the rest of the time. Don't worry, it's something he has been forewarned about and is fine with.

And for my birthday my mom and I are headed off to NYC to spend five glorious days together. I am so excited. I love New York, and it's been 13 years since I've been. I went one week after my 20th birthday. And now you all know how old I am (as if it isn't in my profile).

I'm just wondering if there's any possible way I can lose 30 pounds before I head off to San Francisco. I usually drop about 10 pounds pretty easily after I wean a baby, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


  1. Lara-
    Any chance you will be in Orem this weekend? I am flying in Thursday to be with my mom for awhile.
    I can't wait for Harry Potter either.


  2. Glad you get to vacation (even though I'm not enjoying walking alone). :) Have fun at Ikea. Hopefully things have calmed down there now.

  3. Holy vacation Lara! NYC! I would love a trip like that..and just you and your mama! What a treat! Oh and enjoy your anniversary!!!

  4. Have fun! That sounds amazing!

  5. Sorry, I forgot to say that my mom and I are going to NYC in September to see my sister dance. It will be so strange to hang out with my mom without any kids.

    Oh, and you LOSE weight when you wean? Lucky!

  6. I have a scale at my house, and you are welcome to borrow it. :D
    Very jealous about your VERY FANCY LIFE.

  7. Oh the places you'll go!! sounds like fun!!!! I'm hoping to hit Boston and explore all the "heritage" homes down there... but it's only about a 2 hour ride for me.. LOL LOL so nothing lavish!!

    As for Harry Potter.. I haven't even read the first book... Ü and beleive it or not... I'm an avid reader!!!

  8. Ohhh wow! Sounds like a fun, fun time of year for you! Enjoy all the tripping and time alone with your favorite grown-ups!

  9. Have a fabulous holiday, and I hope you enjoy HP - I will be doing the same. Thanks for popping by my blog!

    Kate x

  10. Wow, that's a lot of vacations. I'm trying to figure out if we can squeeze in a simple camping trip or two this summer. Everything else I can only dream about.

    Hope you have fun!

  11. Great she's an easy wean! I had to go directly from nursing to root beer floats to make my son forget. :-0

    Have a great time in NYC & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I gained 10 pounds after i weaned Gabriel-Go figure! Working on that, though...How great that you and Joel get to jet off alone.