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Monday, September 24, 2007

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Today was our annual Primary program. Ever since Bria first performed in one (with Joel sitting behind her so she would actually stay on the stand), it is something I look forward to every fall.

This particular program was special for a couple reasons: 1) Bria said her part without help, bribes or cajoling in any form. She was a little quiet and hard to understand, but she did it! She also had no problem going up to sing...she was actually excited to do it! and 2) It was Chloe's very first Primary program as a Sunbeam.

The Sunbeams sat on the front pews on either side of the chapel while other children were doing their speaking parts, and when it was time to sing, they stood on the stairs that lead up to the stand. While standing there, Chloe would lift up her dress and show her underwear to the entire congregation, get a kick out of making funny faces to herself, and when she thought about it, sing the words at the top of her lungs. I was actually really impressed with how many of the song lyrics she knew.

Best of all was when the Sunbeams did their speaking parts. These are all of the 3 and 4 year old children, and they only had to stand at the microphone and say what they were most thankful for. They were grateful for motorcycle bikes, Jesus, family, food, pet fish, and even tootsie rolls. Chloe was most thankful for her room. (Actually, what she said was, "I'm thankful for my rooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" )

So, naturally, when it was over I asked her if that meant she wasn't as thankful for me as she is her bedroom. She looked at me for a little while and she finally said, "Well, I still love you!"

For which I am indeed grateful.


  1. Yesterday was Peter's first Primary program, too. He stood for the songs, but didn't sing. He just kept putting his hand inside his shirt between the buttons or rolling up his tie. But he said his part! I have to admit, it made me a little teary!

  2. I have a cannon powershot. I don't know what that means really! Seriously I don't know ANYTHING about photography except to hit the button :)

    So are you saying it would be a good idea with my camera or not. I will go back through that and read it again. . . Seriously one of those mornings!

    Primary programs are always fun. Isn't it amazing that even though the children are distracted and disruptive, you can always feel the spirit! Sweet little spirits!

  3. And you were grateful she had clean undies. :)

  4. LOL, that was too funny and too cute. :P

  5. I can't wait til my little one's program. It will be her first also. On the other hand I am the Sunbeam teacher, it will be the longest Sacrament EVER!!

  6. Love your blog Lara! Your girls have grown up so much. So cute about the primary program! Hopefully Chloe had on some really cute underwear :)

  7. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, too. And you. I could learn to be a little more sun-shiny myself. Yikes.

  8. Toooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! We don't do any programs for that age group (that's the age I teach - 3 & 4). I know it's not *strictly* developmentally appropriate, but it sure is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!