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Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks for the opinions

Thanks all for your opinions on the photography stuff. (If you haven't yet given an opinion, feel free. Please!)

Just a note about the ordering options.

I guessed that the CD would be the most popular with people. It certainly is in the customer's best interest to be able to do whatever he/she wants with the images, including post them on the web or email them. Printing the images yourself is definitely cheaper than the mark up a photgrapher charges. Because of this, the photographer has to make up for the profit lost from selling prints by charging a higher price on the CD. All of the editing work that goes into making a CD with images that are fit to print in all sizes (each size has to be cropped differently, and the photographer will want to maintain control over the crop instead of leaving it up to the printer) as well as having each image in black and white and color is huge. It can take an hour to get one image ready for printing.

Someone else asked what the advantage was to order prints through the photographer versus printing them yourself. The answer is quality. If I decide to go this way, I would use a professional printer and I would verify that the color and light are what I expected before giving them to the customer. If they aren't, I would have them reprinted. When printing yourself, although cheaper, the quality isn't controlled, especially if you decide to use somewhere like WalMart or Costco (which sometimes do pretty good work, sometimes not...depends on the technician that day).

Anyway...just some explanation. I'm still not sure what on earth I'll be doing with all that, but I'll be sure to let you know soon!

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  1. If you're a person who likes to get a lot of your poses, the CD is the way to go. If you are fine getting one pose... then go to JCPenny... they'll help you RIGHT out. :)