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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What kind of Weeble are you?

The other day, Chloe was walking around the house singing the Weeble's theme song. In case you either don't remember it from when you were a child, or you don't have a preschooler now, it goes like this:

"Weebles wobble, weebles wobble, weebles wobble, but they don't fall down."

After a few minutes of singing, she asked me why weebles don't fall down. I told her that the way they were shaped made it so they couldn't fall down. And the conversation just went downhill from there.

Chloe: I wish I could be like a weeble and never fall down. That would be good, huh?

Me: It sure would! I wish I never fell down, too. (If you know me very well, you know I wasn't just saying that.)

Chloe: Do you want to be a weeble then, Mommy?

Me: No. I think I would look pretty funny if I were a weeble.

Chloe: Yeah. If you were a weeble you'd be a big fat one. I wouldn't though. I'd be a really skinny weeble. Right, Mom?

Uhhhhhh......right, Chloe.


  1. Nice! I love how honest kids are.

    Isaac said something like that to me too the other day. Can't quite remember the exact conversation, but I have the biggest stomach in our house, is what it boiled down to. . . not that it was a big secret to begin with!

  2. :-0 Plus, who knew they made skinny weeble wobbles?

  3. Well, not for long, Miss Chloe!!

  4. My daughter likes to point out how huge my (size 10)feet are. "They are the biggest I've ever seen." I am like give it time you are only three!

  5. At least it was just the two of you in the conversation. Sometimes Zoie starts saying something in public and I just hope that she won't say something that should stay within the walls of our home. :)

  6. As we were going through McDonalds drive though, the young boy helping us had serious acne, and Danielle (she was just a tot) blurted out “Look mom he has mosquito bites all over his face!” Needless to say I was mortified. Words that can only come from children.

  7. How about when Ian sees ANY diet and weight loss commercial, he usually blurts out to me:

    "Hey! Mom! You should try that!!".

    I'm thinking, "Yeah, son, thanks!".

  8. Lol. As I watch Sasha teeter around the house, stumbling voer and over again, I think I might agree with your daughter...at least for her, being a weeble might be good right now!

  9. McKayslin's latest when I asked her to pick something up off the floor - "Why don't you get it? Are you too fat to bend over?" Ummm. . .yep. Guess that's it.

    Being a weeble wobble would be pretty inconvenient if one needed to go anywhere though. . .we'd all have to be like the HigglyTown Heroes! YIKES!!!

  10. Well, little Ms Chloe is halarious. Although you are not fat Lara!

  11. lol lol lol..!! I found the whole weeble house at a yardsale this summer.. and I was EXCITED!! at least the ones WE use to play with when we were younger... I believe it's the haunted house...

    How cute is she though!!!