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Friday, October 26, 2007

15 months old

Sophie turned 15 months old yesterday, and to celebrate, she decided she'd send herself on a trip to the emergency room. Since whenever I turn my back on this child she is either climbing on something, figuring out how to get past all baby proofings in the house, or putting things in the toilet, it isn't something I was totally surprised about. In fact, I've been expecting something like this for a long time, constantly trying to avert such a disaster, while simultaneously taking care of the rest of my responsiblities.

So, I was in the kitchen doing too many things at once: starting to get some dinner ready, doing various things on the computer, supervising Bria's homework and basically trying to keep my head above water before we all had to head out the door to get the kids to rehearsal and me to a photoshoot. The older girls were at the table working on spelling, drawing and eating candy while Sophie was hanging around underneath hoping to be given some of said candy. Finally, she decided to take matters into her own hands and pushed Chloe's booster seat up next to a chair, climbed onto the chair and then onto the table. As soon as I noticed this, I made my way the ten feet across the room to get her down. And then she began to topple, and the rest happened in slow motion for me.

Obviously she fell, and she fell onto the hard linoleum floor. She screamed and I ran and got her and just held her. Then I noticed that a portion of her forehead was much bigger than it needed to be and I started freaking out. I ordered the other kids into the car (and they didn't even question me as usual...they just went, I'm sure they sensed the gravity of the situation by the way I screamed at them) only stopping long enough to make the baby a bottle to hopefully comfort her on the way to the hospital and then threw her in her carseat.

The older girls didn't really know why I was so incredibly upset until I got Sophia in the car. Then they were freaking out just as much as I was. The contusion she had probably came at least 2 inches off of her forehead and was already turning black and blue in the 2 minutes since she had fallen.

Bria started to wail, "Oh no! Grandpa Venturi died, and now Sophie's gonna die!!! What are we going to do? Mommy, I just can't stop screaming, I don't want Sophie to die!" Chloe said a prayer, and told everyone Sophia would be okay because she had prayed for her. Meanwhile, I was frantically calling the people I was taking pictures of and Joel to let them know where I was, trying to stay under the speed limit and making a huge effort not to let on how panicked I was feeling.

Anyway, once we got to the ER, she checked out okay. They wanted to observe her for an hour just to be sure, and gave me lots of instructions for the next 24 hours (which end in about 20 minutes now) like wake her every couple of hours and no solid foods for the first 12 hours or so. She seemed happy enough once we were discharged, so I still did my photoshoot and my sister-in-law came and got the other kids and took them to rehearsal.

To top everything off, once Sophie and I got to rehearsal she walked right into a chair in the auditorium and cut herself right in the same place. It swelled up quite a bit again and worried me, but it went down fairly quickly and she's still alive this morning so I think we're okay. Honestly though, I don't think any of my kids has been injured quite that badly before and I was a little surprised at the hysterics I went into...since I am not usually much of a hysterical person.

Here are a couple photos of her after I did my photoshoot. By then it had been about 2 hours since the initial fall and the swelling had gone down considerably, but you can still see her lovely goose egg.

I was hoping she'd remember this fall and cut climbing out of her daily schedule. Didn't happen. Today she was back to scaling the piano and threw quite the tantrum when I took her down and told her no. Such a little monkey. I guess all I can hope for now is that she'll grow out of this phase very soon.


  1. Sophie and Abby have about the same amount of hair. Is there any hope? ;)

  2. Her stinkerishness is what makes her so adorable!! SOPHIE STOP IT before yo kill yourself!

  3. Wow-she really is a little monkey! I've heard about her adventurous spirit, but here it is. Gabriel fell twice really hard in the last month and both times I was amazed we never had a concussion or goose eggs.

    She looks adorable with her war wounds and all!

  4. Oh poor pumpkin! At least she is still smiling!

  5. Poor thing - glad all is well... How scary that must have been!

  6. Both of my kids have had eggs that big, at least a couple of times.
    Seriously, you should parent some boys for a few days, just for the education. :)

  7. Aren't kids something?! I have a DS so I know where you're coming from. I'm glad she's on the mend.

  8. Hey, I'm from the 2 peas blog challenge.

    Your daughter is very beautiful...even with the goose egg.

    It's funny how the youngest is the monkey...mine is too!

  9. I got totally scared reading this. Sheesh! Little stinkers. Ah, the joys of curiosity and mobility.

  10. Glad to hear she is doing okay....that's quite the egg on her forehead and she still managed a smile for you!

  11. Glad she's doing OK... we've had our fair share of trips to the ER too.

    I just love how Chloe said a prayer for her. My oldest has done that before. I love these opportunities to witness our children's faith even though they are so young.

  12. Ouch. I swear I am the worst mother in the world because my kids heads always look like that. Not so much anymore since we have carpet. Those good old williams homes sure made for some nice bruising on the head!

    Glad she was okay! Poor Bria. Sweet Chloe. Your kids always make me smile!

  13. this adorable little thing is putting you through hard times! take care, hug you all! ps: they all get more and more beautiful every day!!!

  14. What a little STINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know Bria's cool & calm in an emergency... KIDDING!!!! It's tough for it to come so close on the heals of grandpa I'm sure :-(

    Glad she's ok & sorry you had such a scare.