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Friday, October 12, 2007

I love technology.....not

So, if you haven't noticed, my internet has not been in service for a full week. Don't even get me started about how extremely frustrating it has been working with our service provider. They haven't believed me in the past that the internet goes down whenever we have high winds. (And, if you are a fellow Cedar City-ite, then you know this is more often than not.) After any such storm I'd have to reinstall the drivers to the "device" that makes our internet work to get it to come back.

Well, last Friday morning we had super high winds. Internet went down, like clockwork. Couldn't get it to come back up, even with driver reinstallation. Found the "device" (all I know is that's what the computer calls it) had pooped out completely. Company sent me a new one. It arrived on Monday afternoon. Internet still wouldn't load with the new "device." Called customer service again and was told to reboot my computer (as IF I hadn't done that already 5 times!) and if it didn't work they'd send someone out Thursday. Yep, Thursday. I had to wait 3 more days.

Thursday rolls around. The guy was supposed to be there around 9:30 am. Nothing. I call. We are not even on their list to be seen. I freaked out. They said they'd call me back. Three hours later I hadn't heard anything so I called again. Finally was told the guy would be there at 4:00 pm. He showed up at 7:00 pm.

The good news is he fixed it. The better news is that I was right. The wind had totally blown our receptor dish thingamajig (I can't even call it a device...I have no idea) over and it disconnected itself. He reconnected in a different place on the roof and said we should have no problems now. Phewsh.

So I'm good to go. I did learn how much time I waste on the computer and I will be working on that. Hopefully, though, me and technology will start getting along nicely again.

Except, this morning, my cell phone has started turning itself on and off randomly. Sigh.


  1. Glad your back..I'd die without the internet for a week! Glad you stuck it out!

  2. Welcome back! I was worried about you!

    Our internet goes down for the first 2 weeks after we turn the heat on in the fall and again when we turn it off in the spring. We have to unhook everything and hook it back up again a couple of times a day to get it going. Other than re-wiring our house, we're pretty much stuck!

    Good luck with your cell. . .

  3. So glad you're back. It's been really windy today, so we'll see if the guy was right or not about not having problems. Wow, that sounds pessimistic. Sorry.

  4. I'm glad your back. I thought some thing was UP. Hang in there...... dang electronic stuff.

  5. You are cursed, please don't come to my house. :)

  6. Ugggh! I feel your pain. Time Warner Cable was our provider in Texas and we had 3 different weeks where my internet didn't work, not to mention the cable.

    I thought i would die-then, i was a bit concerned how much I relied on the stinkin' devices.

    Welcome back!

  7. We have "CLEAR WIRE" here. It works on bar system for reception like cell phone. Oh how I have tried to get out of that contract. It stinks. Nuff said.

  8. Oh boy, I can sure relate. Our wire went bad when we were living on campus and we had to wait several days for someone to come out and fix it. He too showed up many hours past promised time frame and I was more than a little irritated. I feel badly for those guys. They aren't the ones that do the scheduling, they just show up to fix the problem. Kind of like being the waiter who delivers the terrible food you know? Great opportunity to learn patience right?

  9. soooooooo... why I have a deja-vu feeling? exactly the same thing happened to my at our place in Ploiesti, freaked out - my business runs 80% on the internet! - screamed at the cable guys (lame pathetic creatures)... all in vain... Got to Bucharest office, surprise! no internet here either... went more than ballistic!!! solved it myself... ha!
    have a great weekend, Lara!

  10. Glad you're back in business!! :-0 :-0 :-0 I wonder...sometimes I think I'd be good with the break & sometimes I think I wouldn't make it the week!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You make me laugh. Not that the situation is funny, but I can see myself responding the same way! Glad to have you back. Missed you this past week.