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Monday, November 26, 2007

I already need another holiday

So thankful that Christmas is just around the corner. This semester has just been so incredibly stressful for both Joel and me that Thanksgiving Weekend just wasn't quite enough. I dreaded coming home to a messy house (and thank goodness for Joel listening to my dread and cleaning everything possible while I was gone at choir rehearsal last night...he's a keeper for sure) and an even messier schedule.

I have so much going on in the next two weeks that it makes me a little insane just thinking about it all. I joined a choir in town this semester because I needed to do something like that just for me. Generally the commitment is just a couple hours on Wednesday nights and I can totally handle it and I am so happy and light when I come home. Singing just does that for me. But, we have two concerts in the next couple weeks, several extra rehearsals in order to prepare and on top of that I have a really huge solo that I've hardly had time to practice. Then, I have scheduled a recital for my students on December 11. I'm thinking I was temporarily certifiable when I thought that would be a good idea. I should have just waited until January. There are still all the regular lessons and rehearsals and chores to do, too. Thankfully there are only 2 more lessons at SUU before finals, and if they pariticpate in the above mentioned recital I will count that for the final. So I may not have to do any finals.

Then there are all of Joel's concerts, and I think the girls have a violin thing for Christmas, even though their big concert was at the beginning of this month. And then there's the getting ready for Christmas. That's causing me stress this year, when it should be making me happy and excited. I haven't decorated a thing, and shopping is only half done. I like to be much better prepared than this, and looking at my schedule and trying to find time for it all is overwhelming.

So I'm kind of stressed And I just plain have a bad attitude about living here in Cedar City and all of the stretching we're having to do just to make ends meet. A good two week Christmas break should do absolute wonders for my soul.


  1. Oh, Lara! Sounds like a nice long break is just exactly what you need! Sometimes it's so frustrating with so much going on and feeling like our wheels are still just a spinning away. Hang in there - Christmas break is only a few weeks away!

  2. I feel your stress! This month is just a crazy one where we all overbook and have extremely high expectations.

    I am gonna take some hints from my little sister who puts up a couple of trees at the begining of fall and decorates them with pumpkins, fall leaves and fall decor.

    A week before Thanksgiving she puts up her Christmas decorations. The trees are already up (half way done!) and she is motivated to get all her shopping done before December even sneeks up on her. Also she really gets to enjoy her decor before it is time to take it down.

    Of course she has been doing this for years and I have yet to do it once.

  3. I am stressed reading your blog.

  4. So, are you going to tape your solo and put it on the blog so we can all hear? I know I would love to hear you sing. What kind of music are you doing?

  5. December seems like the craziest month every year. My choir concert is mid-December, but it seems like every day before and after are already booked or planned for!

    One thing I'm extremely thankful for is that, now that M. teaches for a living, he gets a giant Christmas break! Knowing him, though, he'll still want to be there every day preparing and practicing.

    What's your solo? I wish I could hear it!

  6. Wait, you have a bad attitude about Cedar City? Come back to the U.C. Stat!

  7. DUDE! (Yes, I am a proud "Dude" sayer). Hang in there, hang on tight, and if you can manage, enjoy the ride, even for just a tiny bit.

  8. I agree! I dreaded sending Ellie back to school on monday. I needed a few more PJ days to make it good.