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Sunday, December 09, 2007


Our cell phone bill has been unusually high lately, due to a certain little 16-month old munchkin who is turning out to be a technology whiz. That, coupled with the last fiasco, has encouraged us to make sure the cell phones are far out of Sophie's reach.

In an effort to deter her need to have one of our phones at all times, I bought her a fancy v-tech cellphone a couple weeks ago. It has buttons that beep and play cool music (she likes playing with the ringtones on my phone), has a screen that shows what she's dialed and talks to her (she's very fascinated by the screen) and it even takes pictures. Well, pretend ones that are already programmed into the thing. But she doesn't care: she hears the shutter sound click and sees a photo on the screen and she's thrilled. This toy has basically saved our lives, not to mention our bank account.

But, while she is happy enough with her cool phone, she still likes to play with the real thing if she can ever get her hands on it. We've made this much harder for her recently, but occasionally she finds it (don't forget she is also descended from chimpanzees and there isn't a piece of furniture in this house that she hasn't climbed).

And, apparently, when she does get a hold of it, she makes the most of it. These pictures were sent to my mother from Joel's phone the other night while I was gone for a few minutes. How did she get the phone when we've taken so many precautions lately, you ask?

Seems Daddy was sleeping on the job.

And Chloe was being her usual silly self.

I'm thinking Sophie will make a pretty darn good photographer someday.

Either that, or she'll be inventing cameras herself. Or cell phones.


  1. OH MY!! THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!! I see the making of a photographer too!!! She's so cute!!

  2. Joel is fired.
    Thanks for the evidence S.

  3. I would TOTALLY love to do that.

    Email me at this address:

    and I'll email you back with my phone number!!

    xo Misty

  4. I love your masthead - it's so pretty!

  5. PS: I forgot to add how funny those photographs are. She and my Olivia would be great pals....... crazy girls!

  6. That's just hysterical - I love how she caught Joel asleep.

  7. Seriously what child can take pictures where you can actually see who they were trying to take a picture of?!! Let alone a 16 month old child!!! Some talent right there.

    Seems like both of our children's talents have been costing us a pretty penny. . . Your photographer and my little artist :)

  8. I hope she is an obedient teenager for you two because I can't imagine how in the world you're going to prevent her from doing whatever she wants. Crazy!

  9. I really can't even believe how smart that little Sophie is! How on earth does she send the picture? I got a razor phone last year, and was so excited because it was a camera & MP3 player all in one. Needless to say I've never used either feature. I don't think I even know how to.

  10. OK, I haven't blogged in forever, which means I haven't been on anyone else's blog in forever either, but I have so much to catch up on! Love the evidence!