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Monday, December 03, 2007

Road Rage: It's not just for kids

The other day when I was leaving the doctor's office and headed for the supermarket to fill my prescription, I found myself behind a Jaguar. A very slow-moving Jaguar. I was on Main Street and the posted speed limit there was 45 mph, but this fancy sports car was only going 20.

Needless to say, it was annoying. I mean, who likes being stuck with someone who treats every road like a school zone? Unfortunately, I couldn't get into the other lane right away because of the traffic. So, for a good mile or so, I was forced (as were the folks behind me) to drive as slow as molasses.

When a spot finally opened up in the left lane, I switched and passed the guy. As I passed I saw he was a very elderly man. Now that didn't surprise me at all, but the fact that he was sticking his tongue out at me and making strange, though not obscene, gestures at me, did.

As soon as I pulled back in front of him he honked at me, and in my rear view mirror I could see him continue to make faces at me and over-dramatically mime steering a car. Then, he did the sign for crazy and pointed at me.

He didn't succeed in making me upset though, if that was what he was after. Instead, he made me laugh out loud. And I must admit, it was quite refreshing to have a grandpa in a beautiul sports car sign "loco" to me, instead of some teenager in a low rider giving me the bird.


  1. That's hilarious! Three cheers for the Grandpa with the attitude! At least he made you smile! :O)

  2. How funny...way to rise above road rage! It's horrible here this time of year with all the Snowbirds in town for the winter! The costco parking lot is the worse!

  3. That's crazy hilarious. I hate getting behind super-slow people. 'Course, I hate the crazy speeders too. Ah well, you can't have everything I suppose.

  4. How funny that he was making faces at you! I would've gone 10 miles per hour once I got infront, and blocked him in! Yeah I really would have! That drives me crazy when people drive sooooo stinkin slow! Good for you for having a sense of humor! Great laugh for the day!

  5. How funny, good job finding it amusing.
    Why is it the freaks are rich? And not the teachers? :)

  6. I worked at a Senior Health for a couple of years. I would chuckle to myself, because some of those people revert back to 4 year olds. They crave attention, the say mean things and they know better, and they are not aware of their surroundings. I really hope I do not turn out that way!

  7. Too funny! You know I swear it's always those old folks on the road that drive too slowly.
    Like you said, at least he didn't flip you off which always gets my blood boiling. It's always the people who are driving like maniacs that feel entitled to use obscene gestures. It really makes me want to follow them and slash their tires. Shows you how I deal with road rage huh?

  8. OH.. Now that was a good laugh..... Ok.. my big thing is stupid drivers... I think that might be a bad thing cause my daughter is taking drivers ed.. and from what I hear.. she uses me as an example quite a bit.... AH OH!!! Ü

  9. So, how ya feeling about giving out some free photo tips? I'm struggling to learn to use my camera, and I would LOVE to get some shots like you captured of your girls. Any chance you can tell me the settings you used? (or some general tips?) This photography thing is such a struggle for me!

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    Just thought that might be helpful to you!

  10. Um.....

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I have no words for this story. Go Gramps......... I guess.......


  11. Weird. I find that I usually get stuck behind slow people when I'm running late. Thus, I get really irritated because that person is making me even later. And the rage builds.

    Glad it made you laugh!

  12. That is hilarious and i can't stop laughing! I love grumpy old people-hate driving behind them, but they make me seem far less grumpy than I feel.

  13. Love the elderly road rage. It is nice to know he's still got. Now, if he could just use that energy to push the gas petal, life would be a little easier for the rest of us.