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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She wants what for Christmas?

Today Bria had her 2nd grade Christmas singing program. After it was done we (me, Chloe, Sophie and my mom who is down visiting) walked her back to her classroom and Mrs. Mitchell asked my mom to read a holiday story to the class, which totally made Bria's whole day (not to mention Chloe's, who got to sit next to her sister on the reading rug).

I noticed a bunch of letters to Santa posted on the wall, so I hunted for Bria's and was surprised by what I found. Many things made that list that I never heard of, or at least, never heard of Bria wanting them. Things like her own TV (fat chance!), Beauty Cuties (I don't know what on earth these are, and therefore, neither does Santa) and a Christmas bell (easy enough).

Luckily, there were a few things on that list that either Santa, Joel & I, or Mamah will be bringing. Things like a High School Musical 2 DVD and an Island Princess Barbie.

However, the most shocking thing on the list was a fake "mushtash." When I asked her about it later, she laughed and said she meant fake those pony tail holders you put in that look like your real hair...and then I breathed a sigh of relief.


  1. I saw a lot of those fake hair pieces at Disneyland. It's a bit Dolly Partonesque, but i totally get it Bria.

  2. Luckily my kids just want Ponyville. This still in my price range. I dread the day they realize there is more out there.

  3. that beauty cutie thing sounds pretty gross....

  4. Glad my girls haven't heard of Beauty Cuties. We're takin' 'em to visit Santa tomorrow, I think, and I'm hoping they remember to ask for something I already got them. LOL!

  5. How nice that you were able to find out what she wants. :) Fake hair, eh? Guess she's not too happy about getting all of her's chopped off.

  6. LOL! It must be the age for hair awareness...Today Jayden wanted me to gel his hair all spikey and rock star-ish.

  7. Mushtash huh? That's just plain cute!

    It's always nice to have them ask for something that you've already purchased, isn't it?

    K asked for an x-box 360, a PS2, and a watch. Santa caved and he's getting a watch. The other stuff - well, when he's old enough to have a job and buy them himself - then he can have those!

    So. . .is Santa bringing her a mushtash?

  8. LOL! Those letters are priceless. I'm surprised the teacher didn't send it home earlier to give ya a hand on present buying.

  9. Oh that is too funny about the mustache!

    I guess I'll be happy Ellie didn't do a Santa letter at school. You'd think they'd at least send those home to the parents early!