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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Bria is working towards a trophy for violin practice. Her teacher told her that if she practices for 100 days in a row without missing (if she does she has to start all over again) she will get said trophy. Bria is really, really excited about this.

Today is Day 13. It is also Saturday. That means it is generally Joel's responsibility to practice with her in the morning because I am down at Tuacahn. Except today, he had to go judge the entrants in the Young Artist's competition. Then it was our nephew's birthday party. Then I came home and we did chores and stuff. Then we had dinner and went out for ice cream with some friends. Then we came home and put the girls to bed.

And Bria just got up 20 minutes ago, got her violin out and started playing. On the one hand, I feel really bad that I forgot, but on the other hand, I am thrilled that she remembered and actually got out of her warm and comfortable bed to do it.

As she was putting her violin back in its case after playing a few songs, she said this:

"Mom, I really hate the violin but I just LOVE to play it."

I'm just going to zero in on the last part of that sentence.


  1. Good for her! I rarely want to get out of a warm bed, but it's inevitable with a baby who wakes up several times during the night. I'm longing for the days when he sleeps through the night.

  2. Very cool that she's so driven.
    Perhaps I need a trophy for housework. :)

  3. That's great that she feels so excited about reaching her goal that she'll sacrifice sleep to play! What a wonderful independent little girl!

  4. She is very motivated. That is great. She is well on her way to her trophy:)

  5. That's awesome. We had the same goal for our daughter (100 days of practicing in a row) - with the ultimate prize of a razor scooter - something she had been begging for...

    She never accomplished the goal. Never lasted more than about two weeks of practicing. She always chose NOT to practice.

    I'm now trying to decide whether or not to keep up with it. I know it's worth it -- but the fighting/screaming kills me.

    Bria is awesome.

  6. When I was about ten I told my mom, "I love the violin. I'm never going to quit." She made me write it down and sign it and kept it in her day planner and whenever I felt like quitting, she showed it to me. It worked!

    Tell Bria there's just something about the violin. Even when you're mad at everyone and everything else, it's there, wanting to be played, waiting to help you feel better.

    My bridge is broken right now and it almost makes me cry every time I think about it!

  7. Like anything we "practice"! We hate to practice it, but we love the sound we make when it is practiced! I love my baby girl!

  8. That's just incredible! You have TAUGHT her well the value of a commitment and the reward of music!!

  9. She pretty much rocks. That's all I can say about that!

  10. Good for her! And I totally get her statement about the love/hate relationship she has with it. Beautiful!

  11. Good for her! 100 days is a looooooooooooong time. I think we haven't even hit 100 days of school yet this school year, but of course, that doesn't include the weekends.

  12. WOW! Her work ethic is impressive.