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Monday, January 28, 2008

In Memoriam

President Gordon Bitner Hinckley June 23, 1910-January 27, 2008

I just spent nearly two hours trying to find this photo online. It is my absolute favorite picture of President Hinckley ever and I knew it was the one I wanted to post on my blog. In my breaks from looking I have also read many of your blogs (sorry for the non commenting) detailing your feelings on his passing, and cried as I mourn his loss.

He is the prophet of my adult life. He became prophet in 1995, about a year before I left on my mission. I love him so much, and will miss him terribly. I, like many of you, can only imagine the wonderful reunion that must be taking place today between him and his dear wife, Marjorie, whom he missed so much.

Joel and I were invited to a backstage reception at the Utah Symphony once. President Hinckley and his wife attended the concert that night (we sat directly across from them) and also came to the reception. I remember how when he entered the room, a sort of reverent hush fell upon us and he told us all not to stop talking just for him. He came through and each of us got to shake his hand and say hello. It was amazing to be in his presence.

While he has left us physically, his counsel will be with us forever. There are so many things he has said and taught that have literally changed my way of thinking and living. I especially loved the way he focused so much on our divine roles as parents and spouses. In December, his message in the Ensign (our church's magazine) was not about Christmas, but about how we should treat our children. It was a beautiful article and touched me so much.

Finally, here are some of the words he spoke to us in last April's General Conference:

May there be peace and harmony in your homes. Husbands, love and treasure your wives. They are your most precious possessions. Wives, encourage and pray for your husbands. They need all the help they can get. Parents, treat your children with great kindness. They are the coming generation who will bring honor to your name.

Now, as we separate for a season, God bless you, my beloved associates. I so pray, as I say good-bye, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen


  1. I too am so saddened by the loss of our dear prophet. Tears are so close to the surface. He was such a great man and leaves us all such a legacy. I am certain that he enjoyed a most marvelous reunion with Sister Hinckley. He's been trying to prepare us for a while now that this was coming. However, I don't think anyone is ever ready to let go. So for now, we'll honor him by standing a little taller and trying a little harder.

  2. How can one really "mourn" his loss when we will have his guidance and counsel forever? He will always remain with us and what a powerful influence he had on so many!!
    I feel your loss!

  3. Yep, I felt he would live forever, but this Prophet had such a profound affect on my life, he will always be very close to my heart! Can't wait to meet him again one day! I love you, Lara!

  4. Your post is really touching, especially the quote at the end, and separating for a season. It will be wonderful to see him again!

  5. I have enjoyed reading so many testimonies and tributes to our beloved prophet.

    I love this picture as well. I posted the first one I found, in hopes I would see my favorites through other people! Thank you for sharing your testimony and adding to mine!

  6. Touching......

    (PS: I took this photo for my post today, too. Is that ok? I can see why you love it - it's a beautiful one of him)

  7. Thanks for the beautiful tribute, Lara. We didn't get the December ensign due to some circulation issue, so I just read that article and it is amazing! I feel so inspired to be a better Mother and cherish those words from that sweet Prophet. He will be missed.

  8. We'll miss him greatly! Love that quote at the end! I remember him saying, "they need all the help they can get..." and just laughing at his humor! What a wonderful man!

  9. I felt thrilled for him to be reunited with his wife, but sad that he is no longer here. We should all live life so fully as he did to serve so well and be so "with it" till such an old age. What an amazing human; what an ambassador to the world. He will be greatly missed.

  10. I am not LDS.. so I didn't know this man.. I'm sorry.. But I'm terribly sorry for your loss.. 97 years old is an amazing life!!! Hugs to you.. and all!!