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Saturday, February 23, 2008

7 random things about moi

Jenn tagged me to write seven random facts about myself. I've already done really similar memes, twice, (1 and 2) but I'm sure that you'd love to know more random things about me. Actually, I really like that the word is just random and not weird or quirky or insane. That makes it a bit easier this time.

1. I do not look good in the color blue, much to my husband's chagrin. Not only does it completely wash me out, but I don't believe it fits my personality one iota. Red, on the other hand, I look fabulous wearing. As an added plus it matches my personality well.

2. I hate being pregnant. And I hate even more when people say things like "don't you just love being pregnant?" to me when I am pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I love the end result and I would do it all over again all three times for my girls, but that doesn't mean I have to like the journey. And I don't feel one bit guilty for it...my pregnancies are horrendous.

3. I like to write out the alphabet in different "fonts" when I am bored. Or talking on the phone. Or taking notes in a class that I'm not interested in (way back when I actually took classes). I think I owe my good handwriting to this particular bad habit.

4. I actually enjoy being so busy that I go slightly insane. I saw a bumper sticker today that said "Happiness is being in over your head" and I actually had to agree. I don't do well when I have a free day....always have to be busy. I'm trying to let go of that so that I can do a few things really well instead of just doing a lot of things.

5. I used to hate the color pink. I refused to wear it as a child, a teenager and as an adult. Until I had Chloe. By then it had started to grow on me. I didn't really dress Bria in pink much...I was determined not to, and she's shaping up to be a bit like me because I notice she doesn't love to wear pink, even though she has a lot of it. Chloe absolutely loves to wear pink. And we'll see what Sophie likes soon enough, but she definitely wears it quite often! And me, well, I actually would call it my second favorite color these days and I actually wear it now.

6. I don't really love chocolate. I like it okay, but if I have to choose, I prefer the ultra sugary stuff, like candy corn, snickerdoodles or gummy bears. Now, if caramel is involved, chocolate is wonderful. But mostly, it just gives me a headache.

7. In Jr. High I was too shy to audition for the plays. I finally dared to try in 9th grade and regret all the lost time in musicals. I almost majored in Music Dance Theater but a huge twist of fate landed me in the vocal performance major instead, for which I'm eternally grateful, but I still kind of miss doing musical theater.

And there you have it. You now know so many random, weird and quirky things about me that you probably know me better than I know myself. I'm not tagging anyone (I'm a rule breaker...yet another random fact about me), but if you want to do this I'd love to read about it!


  1. I knew that! Especially the pink part1

  2. Too funny! I'm still getting used to the tagging thing. I have a lot to learn about all this blog thing.
    As for the randomness - very interesting stuff! Thanks for answering!!

  3. Drew wouldn't let me be your friend if you were MDt, so Im glad you weren't. :)

  4. Despite your total lack of appreciation for chocolate, I still think we can be friends. You're pushing your luck though.

  5. This is good blog stuff! My brain could handle an entry like this!

  6. I want to hear about your twist of fate, especially since I can't even imagine you as MDT!

  7. I hate being pregnant too! I told my hubby I would go through labor ten days in a row to avoid the nine months of misery. And pink...hated it until I had a little girl. Then it became exciting like unexplored territory.

  8. You have 1000% permission to say you hate being pregnant with the ordeal you go through, but thank you for my beautiful nieces!

  9. These were fun to read. Thanks for sharing :-)