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Friday, February 22, 2008

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Last night was the big world premiere of Africa. It was a pretty cool thing to be a part of, and it was nice to meet the composers (one of which looked just exactly like an elder I served with in Romania, and turned out to be his brother) and just to see the audience reaction to the piece. It isn't music that I generally love, but it is definitely a crowd pleaser. I suppose I tend to be a little too snobbish about music anyway and it is a really fun work. It reminded me of a movie score more than anything. Perhaps the composers should see if they can become the next John Williams.

And I got flowers. Not for singing, either. The choir gave them to me for doing their headshots. (If you want to see them yourself, click here.) I had already been showered with compliments about the photos, and then last night they gave me a dozen roses and a really nice thank-you card. Seriously gave me the warm fuzzies. I didn't even do my best work, since I was doing it for free and don't really have much time to spare. I just couldn't let them have horrible headshots and I did enjoy doing it. I only took 4 or 5 pictures of each kid, let them look at the LCD and choose their favorite, deleted the rest and did minimal editing. Some of them rock, others certainly aren't that great. It just made me feel good to help them somehow and that they were so grateful.

Speaking of flowers, I generally don't like to get them. Joel has learned not to buy me flowers and he knows that if he's going to spend his money on me, I'd rather have something useful or something that actually lasts longer than a week.

When I was in college, one of my roommates received a bouquet from some guy. Another guy was in our apartment at the time practicing the piano (yes, we had a piano), and overheard our conversation about the flowers. We were in general consensus that while they were pretty, most of us would rather have been given something useful. One of my roommates volunteered that she'd rather have a can of Spaghettios than a bunch of roses.

Later that day we opened the door to find some Spaghettios with a note thanking us for the use of the piano. That was when we first learned that boys really are teachable. I just hope he didn't get into the habit of giving his girlfriend canned food before finding out if she actually liked flowers or would indeed prefer something else.

Over the years I've grown to like flowers a bit more. After all, they are quite lovely, and it really is nice to have fresh flowers around, even if it is only for a few days. As long as the bouquet doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I won't complain if Joel gets them for me. And I certainly won't complain if someone whose name is not on my bank account decides to get them for me.

They brightened my day.


  1. Cool pictures. I'm with you on the flowers. I like them, but they die so fast.

  2. That's why I love Costco! Great flowers and they are super cheap. I love fresh flowers, I wish I could have a constant bouquet at my house!

  3. Aww, don't you love being recognized for your hard work!

  4. Love the shots of the flowers! Great job!

  5. How fun! So nice to be recognized and appreciated!! They are beautiful.
    And the headshots - NICE!!
    Here's hoping for flowers and not spagettios! :) HA!

  6. Nice flowers, but cuter girl.

  7. The headshots turned out great! How nice of them to think of you, and get you thos beautiful flowers!

  8. Those are some pretty ones and very sweet of those kids. I have to admit I LOVE flowers. They make me smile.

  9. great photo of yours! and flowers are always nice. oh, please, can you tell me how you can add the great white & black frame to the photos on your other blog? pleeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee!