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Thursday, March 27, 2008

At least there wasn't anything wrong with the car

This morning we were running late. Not even just a tiny bit late. Really, really late. And there's nothing that makes me more stressed than being late.

The reason for the lateness was a combination of things. The infamous excuse of the alarm not going off at the designated time, kids that went to bed too late last night (rehearsal for both mom and dad, so kids came too), Bria not having finished her homework yesterday and having to finish it over breakfast, baby sleeping and sleeping and finally just having to be woken up and put in the car, soggy diaper and all, and...well, anyway, we were very late.

I dropped Bria off at school ten minutes after the bell rang. Then it was off to the races to get Chloe to school before she was 20 minutes late. While I was driving, I noticed a flapping sound. It reminded me of papers rustling in the wind. But they were really big papers in a really high wind.

And I should have stopped right then, but of course, I didn't. We were late! The sound persisted the entire ten minutes it took to get to Chloe's school and by the time I arrived I was just sure something was wrong with the car and we were going to have to fork over several hundred dollars to get it fixed.

But, as I opened the side door to get Chloe out, I noticed there was an actual book on top of my van. I took it down, and it turned out to be the conductor's score for the Berlioz piece Joel was rehearsing with the choir last night. A lot of the pages were ripped, but it wasn't entirely ruined. Still quite usable, in fact.

So, of course, I called Joel and told him my discovery. I was excited about the fact that it was actually in pretty good condition, considering the adventure it had just undergone. He was worried about the Organ part that he had stuck inside it, which was, of course, long gone by now.

Too bad. We'd just have to replace it. But, being ever hopeful, I still scanned the road all the way home to see if I could see it. There were a lot of boxes and grocery bags that raised my hopes a bit (nothing like looking for a lost paper to open your eyes to how much garbage exists along the side of the road), but I didn't find anything that could have been music. I had pretty much given up when I drove into my neighborhood and saw a piece of music lying open in the middle of the road.

It was a little worse for the wear, and had one tire tread mark on it (most likely from Joel's car!) but is still completely readable.

Moral of the story? Always check the roof of your car!

Especially if your husband drove it last.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, my dad once put a HUGE bowl of roll dough on the roof of the car to take to a church activity, only to arrive at the activity without the rolls and the bowl, of course. Sounds like a wild morning!

  2. One time my grandma put one of her very expensive glass vases on top of the truck before we headed back from church to the house. It was empty as she has given someone a bouquet to take home full of flowers (she does a huge arrangement from her garden every Sunday in the summertime) and they had returned the empty vase. So, we drove all the way to the house, making multiple turns on the way there. That vase didn't fall off. It was a miracle. Must've been a blessing since we just finished church. We still laugh about that.

  3. Wow! I was thinking the flapping was a seatbelt hanging out or something! Lucky you!! I've lost many a piece of music that way!

  4. How awesome is that?!

    My friend once drove from Logan to Paradise (it's about a 20 minute drive) with her planner on the bumper of the truck. Nothing fell out. Nothing was lost.

    Sometimes we just have to count our blessings!

  5. My dad has driven off with things on the roof several times. Once it was rocky road ice cream. After that it really was rocky road, but he just scooped out the gravel and ate it.

  6. I started laughing at the description "Really Big Papers in a Really High Wind" and didn't stop until the end. How lucky to find the organ music in your neighborhood! Seriously Lara still laughing!

  7. I have gone out to lunch and laced my drink on top of my car many times while I strap my kids in. Only to drive off and see my drinkspill down my windows. UGH! I always forget when I put stuff on top of my car. How wonderful that you were able to find you music, I know certain pieces can be real expensive.

  8. laced = placed. I have never laced anything but shoes!! (hee hee)

  9. I've been know to drive off with plates on top of the car.......

  10. I can't believe that you found the paper and that the book wasn't ruined. I left my purse on top of the car and drove off on time. A little while later my neighbor found it on the sidewalk.Someone had taken out my $10 bill but left everything else in it. Now I am ultra careful after doing something so stupipd as to leave my purse on top of my car. My excuse is that I was wrestling with kids and forgot about it.LOL.

  11. How funny. Glad it wasn't the car falling apart.

  12. Oh no! At least it had a happy ending -- sort of!

    I'm too short to put anything on the top of our car but Dustin always does and we have damaged numerous things in the process. Once it was his cell phone -- on the interstate. That was fun pulling over and trying to find -- which we did. And other time it was a bunch of books I had borrowed from a friend. I meant to get her new ones, but she saw them and took them and then I had to explain what happened to the binding and the cover. . . AUGH!