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Thursday, March 06, 2008


Lately, Chloe is really into getting her point across by making some interesting comparisons.

For instance, she's been saying, "I love you more than Jupiter!" to me and Joel. We also found out she says this to her favorite babysitter and random people she decides she likes. On Christmas morning we video recorded her screaming, "I love Christmas more than the whole world!!!"

And then today, I put "Monsters, Inc." on for Sophia to watch and Chloe wasn't very excited about it. In fact, she was vehemently opposed to watching this show. So much so, that she said "I hate this movie! I hate it more than the devil!"

But, I made her watch it anyway.


  1. That is hysterical. And you must be cruel to make her watch a movie she hares more than the devil. That's a lot

  2. Gotta love our, passionate children.

  3. So cute and such conviction!! Love it!

  4. I'm glad she hates the devil. That is hilarious!

  5. LOL!! Kids are just to darn smart.

  6. Oh, you mean, mean mom! :O) That ranks right up there with the time I made Kenton empty EVERY GARBAGE IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE!!! All 4 of them!!!! No wonder we're friends!

    "Hop" on over to my blog for a minute and check out a little surprise. . .

    Happy (almost) Friday!