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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Goose is FIVE

(I've been trying to get this posted all day, it's been half written on my computer since this afternoon. Better late than never, I say!)

Five years ago today I started having contractions that didn't really feel like contractions. Also, they weren't very close together, so I just ignored them. I remember my mom came over and took Bria on a walk and did some other things while I just went in my room and practiced my Hypnobirthing techniques for a couple hours. After that, Joel came home so we could go to my doctor appointment, and my mom took Bria home with her.

Since I was only a couple days before my due date, of course the doctor checked me. I will never forget the look on his face when he said, "Holy cow! You are at a 7 1/2!!! You get yourself to the hospital now and I will be there soon."

So, I went. Got to the hospital and relayed the dilatation information to the nurses, and one of them said, "You aren't acting like you are dilated to a 7." (How is one supposed to be acting, I ask?)

Oh well, though. Because she admitted me and checked me out, and by then I was at a 9. So there. And I was in the hospital less than a half hour when Chloe was born. I'm always grateful my appointment was scheduled for that day, since I obviously would have had her in the parking lot or something by the time I realized I was in labor.

Saturday we had Chloe's friend party (I won't even go into what a crazy day that was for me), and they had fun, although I probably win the worst mom award ever because I planned absolutely nothing about this party. I suppose we're lucky I managed a party at all. We had our traditional pinata and opened presents and ate cake and then I just let the kids play dress up in Chloe's room. Oh well, I'll make up for it next year.

She got the wedding ensemble as a birthday gift from one of her friends, in case you're wondering why she's decked out like that.

Today we had her family party as it is her actual birthday. Mamah came down from up North, and Uncle Matt, Aunt Ashley and all the cousins also came and she got to open presents again and eat even more cake. What a lucky girl.

Happy Birthday, Chloe! I love you forever!


  1. I'm still trying to get over her birth story........ Whoa.

  2. That's crazy!! I would SO KNOW if I was at a 7 1/2! You CRAZY woman!!

    FUN party! My kids beg all the time just to play. :) I have to have it all planned. :)

  3. Holy Moly, That is a juicy birth story. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  4. Hey, Q's party is on Saturday and I'm not sure she's getting much at this point, but I have high hopes. Happy Birthday Chloe!!! Can you believe it Lara???

  5. She is just adorable!
    Happy Birthday to the both of you!!!

  6. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you WERE lucky your appointment was that day!!!! Mine were both pretty fast too, but not that fast! I think I went from like a seven to a nine or something like that WHILE they were checking me.

  7. Thanks for sharing your birth story. I think that for our next one (if my water doesn't break first like it has both times already) I'd like to arrive at the hospital in time but not too early. I don't know if any place is really comfortable when you're in labor, but the hospital definitely isn't!!!

    Thanks for answering my question about your header :) And those photos are really cute!

  8. Ok, I don't think I could manage a wedding dress ensemble. Just another reason it's good I have boys.
    And I really think you have fairly easy labors because you suffer enough the whole other 9 months. :)

  9. You are too hard on yourself. The friend party was great!

  10. Love the pictures!!! No surprise there! Would love to know the settings you used for the #5 picture! Happy Birthday Chloe! Such a cutie!

  11. Happy Birthday pretty girl! I agree with an above comment. You deserve easy labors with your horrible pregnancies. . . only seems fair.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Goose!

    I love the idea of a simple dress-up party! That's what they love, so why torture yourself figuring something else out?!

  13. Oh man, don't worry about doing nothing for her birthday! I usually go all out, but last year I even made the girls decorate their OWN cupcakes, they ate cheapy frozen pizza and watched a movie. They loved every single second of it.

  14. That's a great birth story! Didn't know you did HypnoBirthing (too)!

    And I think her party sounds just wonderful. I actually hated super-planned ones when I was littler. Actually I still do.