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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I spy something festive

Well, it's pretty evident that I generally stick to photographing people...but that's the whole reason I'm doing this challenge, to break out of that box. So, today's task was to spy something festive. Sophie is sick (ran a fever and did not sleep most of last night)and I didn't want to go outside of the house, so I had to make do with the few festive things I have inside the house.


Chloe's birthday is coming up, and we have been working on her invitations. (And yes, I am doing them store bought. This one snuck up on me and I have run out of time to do anything handmade.)


Easter is also coming up....Mamah sent these Easter eggs home with Chloe last weekend and the girls have been having a lot of fun playing with them.

Not in love with either picture, but I sure did get a lot of still life practice in trying to get these! I think I took 40 pictures, LOL!

Enjoy, and happy Tuesday!


  1. both photos are great! yay for princess parties!
    happy spying!

  2. I also think both photos are awesome...really love the dof on the invites too :) (kind of obsessed with dof lately!)
    thanks for spying.

  3. Fun! We're swamped with birthday parties here, as well.

  4. Great photos. Thanks for reminding me I was trying to practice :)

    I hope Sophie feels better soon!

  5. I like the depth of field and overall look of the first photo a lot! And I love the color and contrast in the second.

  6. I really like the invitations (I mean, the way you shot them).

    So funny, because when we were driving next to you this morning somehow Chloe's birthday came up. I told Zoie that Chloe would be turning five soon. She got all excited for her.

  7. I love the invitation one.....
    the easter egg basket...
    Good thing there's lots of time before Easter. :)
    I guess C did go with J last weekend eh?

  8. LOVE both pics!! You have such a talent!
    Hope baby feels better and the party is fun, fun, fun!!

  9. Don't count yourself out... I love the first photograph, especially!

  10. I love the the first one very artsy. Both are colorful and very pleasing to the eye.

  11. The invitation one is my favorite! It looks pretty darn cool!

    Hope Sophie is feeling better this evening!

  12. beautiful photos!! Birthdays seem to ALWAYS jump out at me.. LOL LOL!! I'm never prepared!!

  13. I'm so excited for Sadie to get bigger so I can have a little girl in the house who loves Disney Princess again. Have fun at the party. Share your ideas because I'm sure it is going ot be amazing!

  14. cute pics ... i have 3 girls too, know what its like with all the pink! its so fun tho
    enjoy the birthday!