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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let's go fly a kite!

Despite the blizzard on Sunday that made me want to get on the freeway after church and drive to Phoenix, we had some lovely spring weather yesterday. Joel came bursting in the door from work singing "Let's go fly a kite!" and so that's just what we did.

Turns out Joel has never actually flown a kite (at least that he can remember), so I had a fun time teaching everyone how to do it. Kite flying with my dad and brothers is a treasured memory from my childhood. We were too poor to buy the fancy kites at the store very often (even though they seem to only cost 3 bucks nowadays), so my dad would help us make our own out of wrapping paper and sticks and fabric scraps for the tail and we would spend hours in our big backyard trying to fly them.

Anyway, Chloe got a few kites for her birthday and she has been dying to try them out. Cedar City is a kite flyers dream with all the wind we have here, so we had a lot of fun seeing how high we could fly the kites.

Chloe happily holding up the kite once I got it flying super high for her:

Bria trying her darnedest to get the other kite to work:
Sophia, our designated Kite Runner, loved chasing the kites:
Up to the highest height:
Fun as it was, it ended up in drama when the girls were fighting over the good kite (the one in the picture) because the smaller one wouldn't catch the wind very well. When she had to let Bria have a turn, Chloe threw an all out tantrum and when Joel told her to be nice, she said, "I AM nice! Just not today."

And thus ended our kite flying adventure.


  1. I have days like that too! I'll have to remember Chloe's phrase to use on my days!

    I love flying kites with my kids. We have a huge field out by our house, but rarely have enough wind here. Grammy's house, however, is a kite flying paradise! Huge fields, very few power lines, and lots and lots of wind!

  2. It does look like a lot of fun. I guess kids will be kids though.

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  4. K, that last comment was for another blog
    You are a very fun mom, we rarely go do fun stuff like that, even though we very much should.

  5. Looks like such fun! We have such little wind here that when we do, I never think to fly a kite or even have one on hand. FUN! FUN! FUN!!

  6. Lara your girls are getting so big! What a fun activity, the last time we went kite flying my husband thought it would be fun to fly the kite out of the sun roof! Lets just say it really went high.

  7. We drove through that blizzard on Sunday en route to Vegas. Yuck! It was even chilly there. Don't you love how fun, family events always seem to end up a little sour with tantrums?

  8. Love the pictures....the blue sky and all those vibrant colors! Looks like fun!!

  9. Sounds like so much fun & what pretty pictures!!! Too funny on Chloe's comment!

  10. Phew! I'm glad the one Zoie gave her worked. You never know. :) We'll have to go buy one for Zoie.