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Friday, March 28, 2008

New specs

For the last few weeks Bria has been complaining of headaches nearly every day after school until she goes to bed. I was starting to worry that maybe she had a brain tumor or something, but then her teacher let me know she was having a lot of trouble seeing the board. And then I felt pretty stupid for not coming to that conclusion myself.

So, last week, I took her in to see the eye doctor. Her prescription had more than doubled. Meaning even with her glasses on, she is seeing worse than she was without them when she first got them. And since that explanation doesn't even make sense to me, let's just say the poor child has inherited her mother's blindness and we are well on our way to sharing glasses someday.

She has been waiting with bated breath for her new (adorable) glasses to come. I promised her that as soon as they called, I'd bring them to her at school. They came in yesterday and I did just that. She wouldn't let me take a picture of them, however, until today.
How cute are they? She was a little sad to see her red High School Musical frames that say "I love Troy" inside the earpieces go, but she is thrilled about these. Besides, I think I'll have them put new lenses in the old frames so we have a backup. I am also happy to report that the headaches have disappeared since she got them yesterday, and she says the stuff on the board looks "skinnier." So we're set. Hopefully this prescription will last more than a year.

And while I was in picture taking mode after school, I got this of Sophie:
Can I just say it's really fun to finally have a blue-eyed child? (Not that I don't love brown eyes.) And did you know that half of Sophie's left eye is brown? That's why it always looks a little darker than her right eye. Maybe she'll grow up to be Jane Seymour.

And not to leave out Chloe, but she was a little too busy for me to get a good photo of her. As a consolation prize, here is one of all my girls on the walk home from school (not the greatest, but I don't want Chloe having a complex when she grows up and reads my blog):


  1. Those glasses are DARLING!! Maybe for a mother/daughter date in 10 years you can go get Lasik?

  2. cute glasses, cute pictures, cute girls

  3. You have such cute kids Lara - I finally got a moment to shoot a few pics of Sasha the other day and it felt so good! I'll have to post them. :)

  4. Those glasses are adorable -- Bria looks very chic.

    I read somewhere once (don't you love it when sentences start that way?) that sometimes people with two different colored eyes were actually one of fraternal twins in utero, but one fetus wasn't viable for some reason and the other adopted some of its characteristics. Hogwash, I'm sure, but fun to think about!

  5. A) Yeah, THAT is what she's going to have a complex over.
    B) I hope Sophia can dance better than JAne, and she's not so skinny...
    C) LOVE THE GLASSES Bria, very cool. I want a pair JUST like them.

  6. I love her glasses! She looks so stylin'

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  8. Those really are cute glasses! That's funny that your first thought would be a brain tumor. That would totally be me!