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Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh, what a night!

So, last night was basically crazy. And I have some pictures to prove it.

I mentioned that I had a singing engagement, but I didn't really mention that I also had a photography engagement at the same time, and lucky for me, in the same place. My friend, Rae, who is a photographer was asked to do pictures for a masquerade ball benefit for a little girl in town that has cancer. She called me and asked if I would help her out, which I was happy to do, even though I was a little bit terrified since I know basically nothing about studio lighting. A little while later, Joel was asked to have his SUU Jazz Band participate in the same benefit and then his soloist dropped out and he convinced me to do it in her place.

At first I thought I was an idiot and totally overscheduled until I realized they were the same event and then I felt better even though I was still totally overscheduled.

Anyway, Rae and I got there a couple hours early to get stuff set up. Here are some pictures I took of her while we were checking light and space. Isn't she cute? The second one is what happens when we were in cramped quarters and needed to see if we could really fit more than one person in the frame. Don't be deceived, she is not a Trekkie wannabe even though her hand was doing very vulcan-like things. At least I don't think she is.

I wish I could show you some of the pictures I took, but this is a family friendly blog and I had quite a bit of cleavage going on in every. single. photo. So you'll just have to use your imagination. Or not. Maybe that's better.

Lots of entertainment came, and some of them were belly dancers. I was pretty intrigued with them and took lots of pictures. I am not going to be showing you more than one though, because, well...it's a family friendly blog, and all of the belly and cleavage showing that belly dancers are famous for is just not really appropriate here. I do have to say that I was pretty impressed at how comfortable these women were to just bare themselves like that (well, their bellies anyway) since many of them were twice my size, and you're not going to see me up there belly dancing anytime soon. But here's a picture of my favorite dancer. Not only was she modestly dressed, she was the leader of the group and the best dancer of them all. Oh, and she had castanets. That alone made her uber cool. I just burned the background out because it was like DJ's gawking and people eating and stuff in an ugly hotel conference room.

After a while Joel showed up, having just arrived from up north. I sure did miss him. Then his Jazz Band played and I thought, hey! I just happen to have my camera, so why not use it? Even though in these pictures you can definitely tell we're in an ugly hotel conference room, I especially love the ones of my hubby. He is very fun to watch when he is conducting, and I usually don't get the pleasure of seeing his facial expressions since it's generally a rear only kind of view. But last night I did get to watch his face and it just made me happy. And then towards the end I sang my song and then we took down the picture stuff and went home, where we were all very tired, but still lived happily ever after. The end.


  1. Joel looks great! Like I've always said he is a born conductor, and you, my dear, a born multi-talent artista in every way!

  2. I knew I should have asked you about lenses. . . but somehow forgot. It was on my list to do :)

    The one you mentioned. . . is that your first pick. Do you have others you would like to recommend?

    Way to not cheat on your diet. I would have eaten the cookies. Too tempting once they are in my hands! I love the look on Chloe's face as she is eating the cookie!

  3. So, he's not mad in that top picture then? :) Totally looks like he's pointing at someone in an upset sort of way.

  4. He looks so intense!!! Tell him to be careful or he'll get a cold sore like the one I have now!

  5. Joel called me on Friday for a quick visit, which I would have loved, but he forgot I don't live in SLC anymore. He scoffed at the idea of coming to Lehi!

    I want to see cleavage!

  6. Oh, you!! :) Those pictures are quite hilarious, I must say. You should email them to me. I was looking through mine and realized, too, that the only one that's not cleavage or belly-full is the one of Kim and Craig. So maybe I'll post that one! Alas, the one of you and Joel just didn't turn out well. The one good one--good exposure, good color--had you with your eyes closed. Tired or something? ;) Sorry for such a long comment!!

  7. these pictures are great...that's one cool looking conductor! it brings back memories of ASU, mostly good memories :)

  8. love the photos
    visit my site to see my Bind it all Demo. Tell me what you think

  9. So Joel totally looks the same from BYU days... and as far as belly dancing tummies go, it's considered a sign of prosperity or something to have a nice, um, squishy, biggish tummy, so I really should have been a belly dancer instead of a school teacher.

  10. Why didn't Joel come and say hi to me.I'm like his favorit cousin. O by the way this is Rach. You guys really work good togther keep the good work.