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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The breakfast thief

You know how after you've been sick for a while and can't keep food down, that once you're better, you're famished? I certainly feel that way as soon as I have a baby. After 9 months of constant nausea and vomiting, I am ready to eat! A lot! (Which is a huge part of the reason I am not so skinny anymore.) Yeah, well Sophia is finally to that point.

So today, she woke up around 6:30. First she just wanted milk and laid on the couch watching TV while she drank it. Then she took my hand and led me to the fridge where she picked out a yogurt. We had to fight a bit about where she would eat it, because if she isn't strapped into her high chair, she will take it all over the house. After finally giving in to being in her chair, she ate most of the yogurt before she'd had enough of confinement and wanted out.

Then Bria came out and got herself a bowl of cereal. Sophie then decided that she wanted to have a bowl of cereal too. Fine. Got her a bowl of cheerios, most of which she ate before she decided to find out what would happen if she dumped it all on the floor. Then she asked for a banana and ate the entire thing.

At this point, I was making myself a couple of eggs for breakfast. When I sat down to eat them, Sophie came up and demanded that I give them to her. So, I did. And then, when she was finished she wanted more! So I scrambled another egg for her and she devoured it.

As if this wasn't enough, when Chloe finally got up and came out to eat, she left her half eaten cereal on the counter. And guess who found it?
You guessed it. She finished the cheerios (with her fingers!) and then drank most of the milk left in the bowl. Goodness! Hopefully, all the food this morning will hold her off till lunch time!


  1. She is so cute. I am so glad that she is finally feeling better. It is such a worry when they are sick for that long. I am sure you will have a better week now...

  2. and what i'm thinking is, you seriously had to make breakfast 4 or 5 times that morning??? but i'm glad sophia's feeling better. my baby is just getting over that too!

  3. Holy COW!! I'm glad she's doing so much better. SO much better!! :)

  4. Wow! So glad she's feeling better though.

    Did FedEx find you today?

  5. How sweet is that... Glad to see her feeling better.

  6. I'm so happy she's getting her appetite back after such a rough week. What a cute story about the morning.

  7. McKenna does the same thing. I'm glad she is doing better.