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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going home

Joel gets back from his University interview today. He felt it went really well. Yesterday he had breakfast with the search committee, a tour of the campus, gave a lecture on Berlioz (what else?) to 12 of the music faculty, conducted Brahms' Haydn Variations with the orchestra, had a Q&A session with students, ate lunch with the search committee, met with the music chair and the dean of the college, had a more formal meeting with the search committee, and finally, was given a tour of the city. Phewsh! It was an all day affair! I suppose we'll find out whether or not he got the job in the next week or so.

The bug Chloe had last time I wrote has made its rounds through our family, and I think we're all healthy now. It seems to last only 24 hours, thank goodness...but it lasted for 5 or 6 days as it spread through everyone.

So, on to our summer, even though the weather still refuses to cooperate. I will be picking Joel up at the airport in SLC this afternoon and then we will head back down to Cedar. Joel begins rehearsals for the Utah Shakespearean Festival tomorrow morning (he's playing in the pit for Fiddler on the Roof...we must really love that musical). I'm not really looking forward to my messy house or to starting up Tuacahn again. But I do feel renewed enough to tackle things with a bit more vim and vigor than I have previously had.

We'll see.


  1. Hoping that everyone stays well and healthy as you resume your "normal" life. Best of luck to Joel!!! Hang in there - sometimes dreams do come true!

  2. Aw honey, I'm so glad you feel a little rejuvenated!! We will miss you! Love to all! I will miss the girls chatter and mess, plus them always wondering where we are! Love that!

  3. There is no place like home! Best of luck. Love you guys.

  4. Glad the interview went well! Except I must of missed the post on what University so I feel lost! Good luck with getting back to real life again :)

  5. Hey! I live JUST east of the airport. You were less than a mile from my house! LOL

    I hope everything goes well with Joel's interview and they let you know SOON if he got the position!

    But man... if he had to FLY there... that means a long distance move... yikes! But the possibilities are exciting, aren't they?

  6. You can stop in at my house when you start up stuff at the Tuacahn again. :) In fact, I ORDER you to stop in at my house!


  7. Sounds like it went well. Good luck on the job!

  8. Crossing my fingers and toes! If we all tell our friends to vote for him, will he get the job ;D

  9. Saying a little prayer Joel gets the new job!