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Friday, June 13, 2008

Offsetting the price of gasoline

While we were up north, Bria saw a hat at the Children's Place that she really wanted. Mamah agreed to give her chores so she could earn the money to buy it herself. And that is exactly what she did. Then Chloe saw the hat in all its cuteness and wanted one, too. So we did the same thing for her.

I should have just known that Sophie would want one as well. Instead, she tried to steal either of her sisters' hats as often as possible, and when they discovered it on her head a lot of screaming happened. Finally, I told Sophie I'd just buy her a hat, but then I never got to the store and then we were back in Cedar City, which doesn't even have a Target, much less a Children's Place.

So, I promised I'd go while I was in St. George teaching lessons today, and I did. What I didn't know was that the Children's Place is having a "monster sale" (their words), and it was indeed monster. I went in for a hat and came out with 4 pair of jeans, 2 t-shirts, 3 skirts, a sweater, and three adorable patriotic hair pretties for July 4th. Oh, and a hat.

For all this I paid the astoundingly low price of $40.76 with tax. I just went through and added up the regular prices of everything I got and it was $164.50. And I am not mathematical enough to bother figuring what the sales tax would have been. Obviously, I got some great deals and a head start on school clothes for Bria and Chloe. Sophie got a couple cute things, too.

And since gas in St. George was $4.21 a gallon, it was an even better deal.


  1. NOTHING like a great sale!

  2. I need to find more of those sales. I bet your girls are thrilled. Ang enjoyed your girls today, thanks.

  3. Oh that is so funny that you hit the sale too! I got Nate 3 shirts, Ellie 3 pairs of shorts, some shoes, a bunch of hair stuff -- since Ellie goes to red/white/blue school and sunglasses for $5o something. I was pretty happy!

  4. Oh, come on, Lara, you have to tell me this when we've just begun the summer-without-a-paycheck? Wah.

    Good for you, though. I can't wait to see pics of the hats!

  5. That is fun. Is gas cheaper here then in Cedar? I love childrens place. They are always having monster sales here. Hey, if you ever need a sitter, call me since i live less than a mile from Tuhacan

  6. That's what it is here adn since we're producing the stuff you'd think we'd get a break!

  7. I just paid 4.39 for gas at Costco.
    It was a STEAL.

  8. Gas is getting outrageous!

    I love this time of the year, the big sale time. Gymboree is having big ones too. I love getting summer clothes on clearance while it is STILL Summer.