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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am so fired

On vacation, just me and the kids, for over 10 days. Did tons of super fun stuff.

And I took exactly FIVE pictures.

Okay, well, actually I took over 400 pictures. But those were photoshoots. Of my girls, there are only five.

I intended to do better, but I realized that it is difficult to be behind the camera without Joel around to tend to the children while I am clicking the shutter. I was always so busy having fun and herding kids myself, that I hardly thought of my poor camera.

Also, on July 4th, I brought my camera to the parade in the morning and then realized I'd forgotten the memory card. Then, at the annual Neves family South Fork picnic after the parade, I had my memory card, but my battery died after I took the five above mentioned pictures. (Yes, I have an extra battery, but I didn't bring my whole camera bag! Just the camera.)

So, I'm fired.

Anyway, here they are: My sole documentation of our Independence Day 2008.

Bria. Please notice her lovely hairdo. She thought of it all by herself, and I must admit, it is quite adorable. At least on her it is...I'm not so sure I could pull it off. And the outfit is one that took much blood and sweat and many tears to procure on July 3rd. Please remind me to do it earlier next year, because it has to be done. Tradition, you know.

Chloe. I let her put her own sunscreen on her face when we had gone swimming a couple days before. And, as you can see, that was a mistake. Her cute little permanent teeth are starting to come up on the bottom. And don't you love her patriotic skirt? So does Sophie. She steals it and puts it on whenever she sees it in the laundry (or the suitcase).

Sophie was off playing and running around, so this picture of all 3 girls is the only one I have of Sophie. Get a load of the mess of blondiness and curliness on her head. How sweet is she?


  1. I love their patriotic outfits. The pictures turned out real cute. I bet it was nice to get away.

  2. I don't think I have any from the 4th, I was kinda photo'd out from our trip to Yellowstone. {sigh}

  3. At least they were five GREAT pics. What a bunch of cuties! I do love Bria's hairdo!!!

  4. It is not about quantity. It is about quality. Great pictures looks like fun.

  5. Your photography is amazing. I am in awe. Why can't you live in Philadelphia? Why? Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog; I am so glad that you found me. Please come back often!


    P.S. I'm a BYU alumna too!

  6. I think sometimes it's best to just immerse oneself in the experience and just love BEING there instead of being behind the camera. Love the shots you did get!

  7. Ugh, we just got home tonight and I have too many pictures!

    It was so fun to see you and watch the girls play. I just knew Sophie and Sadie would be buddies.

    Your girls are adorable! And you amaze me with everything you do by yourself! How long was Chloe sick for?

  8. Is it possible that Bria is 8 years old? I remember teaching her CTR 5 class when we first moved on campus. She was the smartest kid in the class, and I'm not just saying that.

    Glad you had a fun 4th! We were with family, too. I love holidays!

    BTW, the desert is burning hot. Be glad you're not here :)

  9. just five pictures, but they are great!

  10. It's the quality, not quanity right? I still can't believe how cute & patriotic they looked with such little shopping in advance.

  11. Your title totally scared me. I thought something happened to all the photo shoot pictures you took. Phew! Sorry to think of myself (and my family), but I'm very happy that's not what happened. :)

  12. ha!! I love those pictures!! I'm goin to go peek at your other ones you edited!!!

  13. There may not be many, but the ones you took are awfully sweet!
    God bless!