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Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's starting...

The craziness, that is.

Joel is back to school full time, attending faculty meetings, getting his classrooms set up, and all that fun stuff. Bria starts school next week. Chloe doesn't start until the 26th, however...some weird thing with Kindergarten testing. SUU starts up the 25th. I started In Jubilo rehearsals last night. We're working on schedules for helping out with the musical at the High School again. I have my recital coming up (September 17 at the St. George Tabernacle...mark your calendars and be there if you're in the area!). We're having a garage sale on Saturday.

And, I'm in the middle of editing that wedding reception I did last week. So far, I've only looked at about 20 pictures out of 200. I have a long way to go, and hope I can find the time!

Here are a few from that 20 that I liked:

I'm not so happy with any of my people shots, (horrible lighting situation...a church with the lights OFF) but I have a lot of details shots to go, and I think I'll like most of those. I'm so thankful they had a real photographer at their other reception and the temple. :)

Now I'm off to prepare for the garage sale.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I hope the garage sell goes well. It will be one thing off the check list. I wished I lived near by and could come shopping. I think the pictures are really awesome. You do such a wonderful job. I am acually a little glad my girls are getting ready for school.

  2. I'd say good luck with all the craziness, but I think you're summer was pretty crazy too. So maybe just good luck with continuing the insanity! One day we'll be old and bored. Right?

  3. I think they look great -- esp. considering the situation. :)
    You go.

  4. I like them! Have a good garage sale.

  5. Sorry we never got around to doing the garage sale with you guys. Hope it goes well!

  6. The pictures turned out so good. I wish you could have taken pictures at my wedding.
    I also think that the craziness is going to start real soon and life as I know it will end.

  7. Kindergarten Testing - it's mandated by the state. Each school handles it a little differently, but basically, Kindergarten always starts a week late.

    Becca will spend 3-hours at school one day that week. Then she'll be done.

  8. Great job on the photos. I know what you mean about low-light, especially in the church. It seems I always spend way too much time with those type of photos tweaking the colors.

    Hope your garage sale went well!

  9. These are GREAT--you really did well making the best of "a church with the lights off". Your detail shots are beautiful, and your other shots are flattering and wonderful to look at!